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separation of powers is an act of breaking down our governments the
legislative, executive, and judicial powers into separate bodies. The Framers
of the Constitution felt that it was necessary to establish the separation
powers to prevent the majority from fierce ruling. The separation of powers is
what provides our government with a system of shared powers which is known as
Checks & Balances. The three branches that were created by the Framers of
the Constitution were a way to prevent the government from becoming too
powerful (Mount, 2001). The framers believed this and implemented it and I
believe it was a good thing.  It really
prevents extreme decisions from being made without checks and balances. 

Each branch
in the separation of powers has its own job. The legislative is the law making
branch, the executive is where the President comes in and is the chief of armed
forces and can negotiate treaties, execute the laws, and makes appointments.
The judicial is to make sure that the constitution is never violated.  The power is first divided between the
national and state governments, and then the power is divided amongst the three

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Any business
organization is a good example.  For example,
an organization can have a separation of powers between CEO’s and Chairman of
the Board. Boards of directors have a purpose of taking the decision of the CEO
and balancing it out to see if it will benefit the company by having to discuss
and vote on a particular issue or new entity. 

College is
another good example of separation of powers because you have your faculty and
department heads and the board of directors. 
Faculty and department heads come up with ideas and budgets and the
board as to have a majority vote to pass these ideas and budgets.


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