The the demands of their managers, and

The importance of the communicationmanagement style recommended by Elon Musk is importantin the sense that it trains the employees to be independent and responsible.For instance, the workers learn how to address their concerns independentlywithout the support of their managers.

Besides, the employees who operate insuch a system feel free to interact amongst themselves as well as their seniormanagers, thus promoting teamwork (Topchik, 2007). In light of this, thebureaucratic systems in which the employees are supposed to adhere to theestablished protocol are slow and not responsive to the urgent needs of theorganization. In such a system, theemployees are limited to the demands of their managers, and do not necessarilywork for productivity, but rather to impress their supervisors.

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Elon Musk’sorganizational communication model is also importantas it eliminates the needless proceduresin an organization and also makes the execution of tasks quickly.                       Inas much as Elon Musk’s recommended communication style is essential for a growing company, it is also dangerous ifnot adequately regulated. It is essentialto acknowledge the fact that the nature of information shared by employeesdetermines the outcome or feedback of the recipient.

As such, it is necessaryto monitor the appropriateness of the messages that are shared within theorganization as they are geared to prompt action from the recipients. Organizations face instances where theyexperience miscommunications because of the mistakes committed by theiremployees (Stanford, 2015). In fact, passing the wrong information can triggeran unanticipated response that can lead to financial losses or misunderstandingamong the employee. It is due to this realization that companies haveappropriate channels of communication as the messages are filtered andrephrased appropriately to serve the purposes they are intended to address.

In as much as Elon Musk wants the employees at Teslato work as a team and serve the interests of the company, he should put inplace measures of ensuring that the manner in which they address their concernsor relay messages is appropriate, as this will help to instill dripline and objectivityin the  communication process (Orr, 2016).            Anothershortcoming that is attributed to Elon’scommunication style is the lack of organization of messages, thus resulting ina possible mix-up. The fact that his recommended system allows the employees tosend messages across and up the hierarchy without much regulation brings aboutthe risk of information loss and confusion within the organization (Trapp,2014). Besides, it is possible for the information to get to the wrong recipients,thus prompting an inappropriate reaction or causing a potential leak ofinformation to unauthorized personnel. As such, it is imperative for Elon Muskto value the importance of appropriate communication channels as well asappreciating the role of supervision in achieving success within the company.

            Management Style and Vision of Elon Musk’sBusinesses            ElonMusk recognizes the role played by all his personnel within his companiesbecause they are an integral part of his success (Orr, 2016). However, Muskfails to demonstrate the need to value the various ranks within theorganizations as he tends to distribute management powers equally among hisemployees. For instance, his recommendation those employees should communicatefreely without having to engage their managers tends to demean the individualheads of departments at Tesla. The role of managers in regulating theoperations of other employees is essential because it ensures that all workers adhereto the set guidelines within the company, thus limiting their activities andcommunication to the recommended extent.            Successfulcompanies are characterized by propermanagement structures and an efficient flow of information (Atesmen, 2015). Inas much as hierarchies tend to introduce rigidity in companies, they often regulate the operations of employees bymonitoring their actions and commitment to swerve the interests of the company.However, too much limitation on the freedom of employees within theorganization is disastrous as it makes it difficult to execute theproblem-solving process. As such, Musk’s communication approach is both advantageousand limiting in terms of management, thusmaking it important for him to modify itto address its shortcomings.

            Thebusiness model of Elon Musk is tailored to address future challenges ratherthan concentrating the current problems. For instance, Musk is so muchdetermined to assess the viability of Mars being a second home for human beingsthrough SpaceX. The project has cost him millions of dollars, an amount that hewould have used to develop and diversify his Tesla brands. From the businessperspective, it would have been advisable for Elon Musk to plough back the money for SpaceX and channel itto Tesla Motors because of the enormous amountsof profits he gets from the business (Green, 2014).

In light of this, Tesla isa more viable business idea as compared to SpaceX as evidenced by the sale ofcars by the company. Besides, the past failures of SpaceX resulted in the lossof massive resources which should have been allocated to Tesla to generate moreprofits for the company. However, his ambition to tour Mars is not only costlybut also deviates his attention from Tesla, a company with a potential ofdominating the motor industry. As such, it is essential for Elon to focus hisdetermination to address current challenges such as congestion, pollution anddriving safety rather than investing on spacecraft.