The race and wealth distribution. First of


The world is not fair for everyone. Some people have advantages in life from the very beginning, while others are struggling just to survive each day as people are not equal since they were born. The diversity of human life made them the most complicated species all around the world because different backgrounds, opportunities, and perspectives create various life, or destinies, the most common word explaining people life. Disparity and inequality have been clearly shown in many aspects of life, including but not limited to; gender, education, race and wealth distribution.

First of all, education that people receiving around the world is not the same. When developed countries consider a bachelor degree is a normal thing, knowing how to read and write is still a difficulty at many places in Asia, Africa, etc. Depending on locations, economic conditions, language and even family backgrounds, they all determine how far a person can go in education. For example, in Vietnam, which is where I come from, all students must take an entrance test to go to college; universities and colleges will base on the test result to accept a student. Therefore, a student’s future of education is determined by the test, no matter how good he/she has done in 12 years of study. Moreover, colleges and universities in Vietnam do not allow students to change their major. If anyone wants to change major, they will have to retake the test and apply for admission to the school all over again. That is the reason why many students in Vietnam are stuck to study what they do not like by making a mistake in choosing major in the first place. When it comes to education, the economy also plays an important role as good schools usually require high tuition for attending. In fact, middle and upper-class often can go further in education than poor students with fewer chances to approach or continue their study.

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A race is a concept, which was invented by the human, refers to groups of people with body differences and is defined basically by skin color. There are 3 races: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. The believe Caucasoid is at the top of the race was so strong in the past that created the history of wars and conflicts. The inequality in race was proven in one single word “Slavery”. In the ancient time, the inferior race or class usually lived under slavery from generation to generation. Nowadays, many attempts, which by governments and communities, has been made to regain equality in race. People based on race to separate themselves from others, to give privileges for the actions they made. In my opinion, jealousy and selfishness is the main cause for people create race; afterward, we are all one species.

Wealth might be the most disparity element of life. The birth of currency brought a significant change in the world as it is the scale to measure assets. The gap between well-off and poor people is being increased each day. According to a recent report, the richest 1% own half the world’s health, showing a huge disparity in wealth. The causes may vary from starting point of life, education opportunities to tax and policy or global economy. However, an effort is also a big factor in success because it has been proved by many self-made millionaires, billionaires. Rich people are intending to give a majority of their fortune away to charity, this can make a difference in scale of wealth.

Finally, the objective that men and women are not equal was started from the primitive age. Women were usually considered as weak and not intelligent in comparison to men. Moreover, women were forbidden go to read or go to school. In the past, the model role of a woman is a good housewife, they can’t work or do anything different from that. In some countries, it was a normal thing for a man having more than one wife.

In conclusion, disparity and inequality are exist in many aspects of life, which is what people have to admit and deal with every day. Every individual with a different situation will create a different life and it is the diversity of the world. Nevertheless, with knowledge and civilization, many countries and organizations are working together step by step to reform education, reduce the wealth gap, empower women and eliminate racism. Human is not perfect, but people still aim to make the world become a better place.