The is when Madeline and Phyllis invite both

The script “Fate” by Mellissa Marlowe is a dialogue between Margaret who is in her early 50s and Phyllis who is in her late 40s, they are both mothers. Phyllis and Margaret want their children to settle down, start a family and have grandchildren. They feel like their children are too focused on work and school. Both mothers want to match them up but in order for that to happen, they feel like they would need to change their destiny. An example of proxemic action would be when Madeline is sitting at the hair salon and Paul walks in and sits far away from Madeline which means they are distant, like “in each other bubble”. After smiling at each other, they both introduced themselves even though they are complete strangers and just met each other. One kinetic action would be when Paul and Madeline shook hands to greet each other while making eye contact. They are “breaking the barrier” from not knowing each other to getting to know that person better. The significance of the script is when Margaret and Phyllis are having a conversation about their children while they wait for their hair appointment. An example of liminal moment in the script is when Paul and Madeline met each other for the first time because if they do go forward to getting to know each other and ending up getting together that would be a changing in their lives, also another example would be both mothers getting to know each other for the first time and if their children get together then they will remember that they forever. Liminal is something that changes your life. A liminoid moment is when Madeline and Phyllis invite both of their children to eat lunch with them while they wait for their hair appointment and try to set them up without them knowing. In my opinion this dialogue is a dark play since the mothers are trying to get their children to know each other without them knowing. In my opinion this dialogue would be a good example of performance art because after you read the script the first thing that comes in mind is that the scene takes place in a salon which is a public space. After reading about these mothers talking about their lives and their children, I would say the best option would be a social environment. I can also describe this dialogue as a felicitous play. The type of the theatrical space would best showcase the show would be found space. In my opinion, it would be easy to find an empty place and gather some objects that they would have at a salon and create that place into a salon. I would also recommend a thrust space for the showcase the show. With a thrust space you can actually connect with the audience. A lot of people go to the salon to get their hair and a lot of people would recognize themselves with this dialogue, that is why I would recommend a thrust space for this dialogue. This type of dialogue is very common especially when you go to a hair salon. I usually went with my mom to a hair salon and I would see people talking about their lives. Also this is very relatable to mothers in today’s day, especially college kids when they are about to graduate. They want their children to settle and experience being a grandmother. One thing that I liked about this dialogue was when the mothers were setting their children up secretly.