The Considering the order of the research questions,

The answers to these research questions are
summarized in the following section.

To answer sub-question 1
all the costs that are related to the full life cycle of a nanomaterial must be
described and categorized. Considering the order of the research questions, the
first step is to describe how the literature proposes to evaluate the TCO of a
nanomaterial, and to what extent financing considerations should be included in
this calculation. A table will be constructed and will therefore distinguish
all costs and risks within the TCO of a nanomaterial, since these are expected
to highly determine the TCO of a nanomaterial. ??1 

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The scope of this thesis is twofold:

1.      To study the practice of
total cost of ownership for nanomaterials related to healthcare.

will suggest recommendations, based upon the use of total cost of ownership,
for nanotechnology adoption


Moreover, deliberate on the creation and
usage of a consumer centric TCO model and its implications for theory and






As seen from above, the research is comprised of two complementary
parts – theory and practice. First it commences with a literature review of the
subject areas. Thereafter, chapter 1 is dedicated to link all the theoretical
components together to form a consistent body of knowledge that represents the
main theme of this thesis.


In light of the theoretical basis, the case of nanomaterials related
to health is investigated, and the findings are analyzed accordingly. In the
end, managerial implications and further recommendations will be brought

This thesis is comprised of four chapters.

The first chapter summarizes the conceptual framework and
definitions of key concepts.

Chapter 2 introduces the background of the study, as well
as the research problem with objectives.

……………reviews total cost of ownership, from concepts to
benefits and constraints, as well as fundamental classifications of total cost
of ownership models.

 The fourth chapter
combines the two previous chapters to elaborate on the main research area of
this study – how to use total cost of ownership. This chapter explains what may
drive an industry towards adopting the total cost of ownership philosophy, as
well as possible metrics with which the industry can use to implement total
cost of ownership..

……..Subsequently, the findings will be analyzed
and interpreted in light of the literature review from previous chapters and to
the case company’s perspective, succeeded by managerial implications from the
research. Last but not least, the final chapter concludes the entire study by
summarizing the findings, both from academic literature and from the case of
nanomaterials in health, and giving recommendations for further research

 ??1afto den tha prepei na einai edo me vasi ta comments pou kanane
palia. Na paei se discussion/conclusion