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purpose of an app is to save the customers’ time and provide the comfortable
way of receiving food but does not need to eat in. As stated in the importance
matrix, there are different problems that need to solve such as the variety of
the food, the noise at the restaurant but the main thing that this app is
focusing on is to bring the initiative to the customers when they receive their
food, besides the normal shipping method which has become familiar to everyone
in today’s society; this app targeted the young adult market, especially young
males. Mostly, people start to work early in the morning and breakfast is one
of the important meals of the day, in this case, directly come to the store and
wait in the long queue consumes a lot of time. On the other hands, due to the
peak hour in the morning, the shipping method can be delayed as well, this app
will help customers to calculate the time that their orders will be finished
and it will predict the amount of time for customers from their location to their
selected store to collect their food. Others companies have come up with many
apps since this is the technology generation and smartphone is the essential
thing, they came up with the delivery app, some of them work with Uber Eats or
Food Panda, same as Burger King. The advantage of working with these apps is
being noticed by a lot of customers, but the disadvantages of the delivery app
are the limitation of area of the restaurants and the shipping fee can be a
restriction. This app is only dedicated for Burger King’s customers, through
the working system of an app, the customers can save their time and shipping
fee as well as enjoying their food on the way or anywhere they want to.

Moreover, the app will ask customers for their feedback after their orders were
made, this can help Burger King knows what their customers’ needs, whether the
customers satisfy with the service and how to improve it. To sum up, by using
this app, the demand of breakfast meal will increase as well as during the peak
hour, this app is the solution to decrease the noise at the restaurants, bring
the profit to the company and help the company to understand their customers
through the feedbacks. 

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