The the sikh empire until the death

The first Sikh-Anglo war could have been avoided in many ways. Many events took place that could have been avoided but led to war. If the Dogra brothers were not greedy for the throne none of the wars would not have happened.

The war could have also been avoided if Ranjit Singh had not died. However the war wasn’t avoided because of the successors of Ranjit Singh. The Dogras brothers were loyal to the sikh empire until the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. After the death of Ranjit Singh, the Dogras had a goal to take over the throne. When Kharak Singh became king he was killed by poison in his food by the Dogras.

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After the death of Kharak Singh they kept on killing the next kings in line for the throne because they wanted one of their own to be king. Then later it was the turn for Sher Singh to be the maharaja, but was killed by the Sandhawalia brothers when they returned to India. It is because of this, the british had attacked because they saw a easy opportunity to conquer India. If the Dogra brothers didn’t kill the Maharajas there would still be unity and the sikhs wouldn’t have lost. The war could have also have been avoided if Ranjit Singh was still alive. If Ranjit Singh was still alive the British and the sikhs would still have the treaty of peace.

Also the British would not have dared to start war with Ranjit Singh because they knew they would lose. Also at the time, before the war happened there were more Sikh soldiers than British soldiers .There would have also not been any betrayers like Tej Singh and Lal Singh because Ranjit Singh would have been watching his army alone. However everything comes to a end just like Ranjit Singh’s life and his kingdom. There were many things that could have happened to be able to avoid war, but it happened anyways. Some things have caused the outcome of war was the betrayal of the Dogra brothers and the Sandhawalias. If the Dogras and Sandhawalias did not betray the sikhs the British would not be able to take over Punjab because they would less men.

In a way Ranjit Singh was also responsible for this war because he didn’t have a trained successor. If he had trained his sons to be a good leader like him there would be no war. In conclusion, there were many factors that lead to the Anglo-Sikh war . However, it could be avoided. It happened because the betrayal to the sikhs by secret betrayers.

It also happened due to the death of Ranjit Singh.