The to process a text or texts

The result of the present study demonstrated that there is no relationship between comprehending general and academic passages. The low correlation between these two variables indicated no relationship between comprehending general and academic passages among Iranian EFL learners.

Depending on the size of the correlation and the size of the sample the statistical significance of the correlation coefficient was .132, the significance level of correlations indicated that the null hypothesis is not rejected in this study, in other words, with correlation value of 95 percent of confidence,while r=.26 (n=37,p<0.5), it can be assumed that there is no relationship between comprehending general passages and academic passages. In order to answer the second question of the research ,the predictive power of comprehending general passages, the simple linear regression was applied to analyze whether success in comprehending general passages could lead in success in comprehending academic passages; the regression analysis also revealed that the outcomes of general reading comprehension test cannot be a legitimate predictor for  comprehending the academic results, in other words, if there was a relationship (correlation) between two variables, we would  be able to predict a learner`s success in a given situation from performance on some other measures, therefore, it can be concluded that,  the second null hypotheses is approved too and success in comprehending the general passages cannot be a predictor in comprehending academic passages. The prominent role of reading in acquiring the substantial portion of knowledge in an academic setting is not deniable; moreover, the ability to process a text or texts effectively with sufficient comprehension is needed. The findings of the present study suggest that differentiating between academic passages and general passages as everyday language skill, seems to be essential and thus differentiating could clarify the gap between academic texts and everyday language skill. Since there is usually a taxonomies between the type of reading that require quick and strategic reading for the purpose of searching as expeditious reading, and reading that involved for purpose of  assessment and learning from text as careful reading.(Wier & Urquhart, 1998).  Broadly speaking the content of what is currently practiced in universities is different from what real academic context expects students to do. Referring to the first chapter of this study as Messick (1994), believed on the high degree of task dependency in performance, moreover he argues that  language teaching and testing needs to take into account the importance of performance in real world situation in the design of an assessment program.  

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