The Islamic extremist group that operates out of

The geopolitical instability of the Sahel region in Africa has allowed several insurgent cells and terrorist organizations to take root within Nigeria. While extremist groups have a longstanding history in the region, the most notable terrorism risk to the country today is the organization known as Boko Haram. The group’s origin and ideology stem out of a radical Islam sect in northern Nigeria, where they first began to propagate rejecting Western culture. Since 2009, Boko Haram has grown exponentially in the number of attacks on civilians and infrastructure within the region. Porous borders, corrupt military, and weak governments have all contributed to the increasing power of the terrorist organization. Boko Haram poses a serious threat to human security as well as the national security of Nigeria; the country must be willing to assess the internal issues of government and military corruption and the extreme levels of poverty that its citizens face to being combatting this powerful terrorism threat.Terrorism is an immediate threat to both the national and human security of Nigeria due to both the amount of deaths attributed to terrorism and the religious and governmental goals set by Boko Haram. Boko Haram, also known as the Islamic State in West Africa, is an Islamic extremist group that operates out of northern Nigeria. It is currently the world’s deadliest terrorist group and has carried out the attacks of many public spaces, including UN buildings and displacement camps. In addition, they are responsible for the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian children from their schools as hostages. Boko Haram operates in order to accomplish their goals, which primarily consist of establishing Sharia law in Nigeria but also include the release of all detained members of Boko Haram and prosecution for the killings of their leaders, which they believe to be extrajudicial.The government of Nigeria must act against the threats that are destroying the foundations of Nigeria. Recently, Boko Haram has targeted educational facilities in the North and Central regions in the country. These parts of the country are in the Terrorist Prone Zone. It is not a safe environment for young children to grow up in, especially attending school. Schools should be closed in these areas, and the children and their families should be relocated to different and safer regions of the country. Until the threat of Boko Haram is contained, people in these areas cannot be protected from horrendous tragedy. To speed up this process, the government of Nigeria should invest more into building a stronger military. The threat of Boko Haram has not been contained with the current military in Nigeria. They may need to initiate a draft to get more people into the military and expand their ranks. Corruption in the Nigerian military has been a major issue as of late, particularly in top ranking military officials. In order to fight the common enemy, the military must ensure everyone is on the same page. When fighting a major power like Boko Haram, there is no time for distraction. To effectively engage in these actions, however, Nigeria, as a country, must make some sacrifices in the name of national security. One sacrifice being the closure of hundreds of schools. Education is vital to the function of a country. When it is threatened by an outside force like Boko Haram, drastic measures must take to ensure it is offered in the safest way possible. Nigeria must also understand the reality of the people that live in these areas. Many of them live in extreme poverty and they are in no condition to relocate to another location. The Nigerian government must find a way to fund this diaspora of millions of people. This process will require a sacrifice in spending in another area of government spending. Based on the recent attacks in Paris, Nigeria must take steps in ensuring the same thing does not happen to them. Living in a world of terrorism calls for sacrifices to protect and defend people from harm in any means possible.