The the market and style of working. it

The merger
committee should have removed the issues which were occurring in the cultural
integration such as clearing the new strategies which would be applied in the
company. To avoid the clashes the two companies were told to follow the same
culture what they were following which is wrong as the main motive should be
clear behind the merger. And keeping the same culture will be a hinder to the
other culture group which did happen in this case.  There should be one separate new merged
culture instead of having two different along with the new one. The best
working strategies of both the companies should be applied. The issues faced
while applying new strategies should be discuss in the groups and should remove
solutions for it which not only create a happening environment even the
employees will get to know each other.


the solution
regarding the pay structure was a right step as it kept low base salary and
higher incentives which will not create differentiate among employees and

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cultural communication and training should be conducted for the merger. To
learn about the market and style of working. it also gives a clear picture
regarding the responsibilities of the employees and helps to understand

higher authorities of both the companies should have clear the goals to its
employees. While supporting them with the new culture instead of looking behind
its own benefits and leaving the company.

different pay structure was because of the location as things are much more
expensive in U.S then Europe and that’s why the pay was high. This reason
should have explained to the employees and managers in the proper manner.

communication strategy could be much more planned and developed with agreements
of everyone’s. the new team formed should have given the freedom, time to
explore themselves, and help by top level mangers regarding new approaches.

should have been a roadmap like a blueprint which the employees could follow as
a guideline. Which includes professional staff to consult, leaders for new
team, checkpoints at various stages to have a close look with the tasks given.
Reward system to staff for doing good in the new culture and taking steps so
that the new business does not make the employees lose their skills and talents.

 Instead of saving $1.4 billions the company
should had set internal goals for synergies. Not aiming for higher benefits but
investing where it is requiring. The technology of both the companies was
different so the product launching also differ. Where there was no
co-ordination that was because two separate companies and not one company.