The Things I learned From School Essay

The Things I Learned in School

            The Schools or the Universities are seen to be one of the most significant establishments or places in the society which serves for various positive reasons for the people and in the development of human civilization. For most of the common definition of school, it is most often characterized as the second home for the people who takes care and nurture for every individual as they develop and grow as knowledgeable as well as literate citizens. In a sense, the schools and other scholastic institutions are usually regarded as the center for academic excellence which renders educational programs and learning for the people. In addition to this, such learning establishment also serves as the primary area wherein people improves and establishes their social capabilities and importance as a part of the community. Likewise, the schools and the universities are considered as a probable place where every dream of the people is further established and renders a clear way towards the achievement of this.

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            From a personal point of view, the significance of school is source of hope wherein it serves as the prime and appropriate place which supports and individual to grow personally and acquire the necessary education that is seen useful in facing and preparing for the challenges of the future. Thus from my personal experiences, the school does not solely about academic excellence but also represent as a helpful place where I could interact with other people and possibly gain friends through this connections. As such, through my involvement in school I am able to improve my social capacities wherein I get to have more friends and learned how to interrelate to different people. In addition to this, through schooling, I am not only able to received the necessary education and learning but I also improved my personal abilities wherein I get to know how to communicate and socialize with a lot of people coming from different family backgrounds and position in the society.

            Nonetheless, through school I get to learn and acquire essential moral lessons from the teachers that are all seen to be useful in dealing with different difficulties and challenges in life. With the fact that teachers serves most often serves as the second parents while staying in school, I have also learned and obtained valuable traits and optimistic values that are helpful in becoming a better person and responsible individual. In the end, the school for me is a helpful and significant place wherein an individual could learn and obtain both academic education and important traits that a person should entail. Thus, through school, I am able to develop academically and mentally, and gain more friends as well as acquire good morals that could help me become a better individual.