The threat of imported media Essay

                                                          Imported Media            There is a relationship between imported mass media consumption and national/ or ethnic identity. The consumption of too much imported media undermines national/ethnic identity; culturally, politically and academically in many developing and also developed countries. Imported products and ideas which are supplied by imported media can influence a nation’s identity and lifestyle.            Imported media if not regulated can be a threat to national identity and culture.

The dilution of culture that follows globalization activities like allowing free trade in imported films and televisions can completely wipe a nation’s identity. For instance French opposed film and television free trade in its country on the basis that foreign media products like cinema will expose the imagination of its population to a foreign culture, and this will deteriorate the country’s way of life, language and its customs; hence they could not allow any activity which could erode its own identity. Broadcasting plays a decisive role in the affirmation of their new identity hence too much imported media products threatens cultural identities and can cause harm to any nation’s democracies. Cultural values are very crucial to any nation’s integrity and means a lot to its citizen’s way of life hence the influx of international culture which is promoted by imported media is a serious threat to this life crucial cultural values especially for those nations where most people are mostly in traditional societies. Imported mass media has become a fatal virus to many nations traditional certainties and the once very stable national identity are now very unstable, some nations cultures have lost their uniqueness due to massive outside influences which because of interaction among diverse culture centre, in its effort to produce one global diverse culture poses a threat to traditional national identities.

Imported media promotes foreign images and ideas which undermine indigenous cultures            Culture parity and culture mixing; imported media will dilute cultural purity hence make members of a particular ethnic group lose their sense of origin and togetherness. Deep structures and reconfiguration; culture adopts new elements while still maintaining its deep structures. The newly incorporated elements from external sources becomes the art of the established cultural tradition hence deepening its cultural structure.

I have learned from this reading that mass media is one of the pillars of today’s economic development, but the consumption and influence of imported media in someway erodes ethnic identity. According to this reading, I agree that the media industry both imported and local are a major contributor to the economy of any country, hence imported media needs to be regulated to prevent foreign cultures and traditions like the spread of  foreign languages and lifestyles that shakes a nations traditional identity. Local media should be protected to promote cultural norms and act as awareness on a sense of belonging and national identity. In addition the local media will act as an ambassador in promoting cultural norms            The author of this article has encouraged me in my support for both local and imported media, this is because media is one of the technological developments we have today which has educated many people, increased production and created many advantaged in people’s way of life globally. The advantages of imported media outweighs its minor disadvantaged, so the media even though it has some negative effects like injecting foreign culture and eroding the tradition, it must be supported.