The Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction Essay

A weapon of mass destruction is one that can cause harm to large numbers of people and or cause destruction to both man and other forms of biodiversity. This term covers a bracket of weapons including biological, nuclear and chemical weapons. Initially this term was used during Cold War to refer to nuclear weapons (Hamburg, 1997). Despite being the only country that has used weapons of mass destruction in war the United States has been fighting to eliminate these weapons. However some people have always argued that the whole discussion about these weapons has been exaggerated and blown out of proportion. This discussion examines just how true these arguments could be.

The fear of a rival super power emerging is no longer an issue as far the U.S is concerned. Instead the biggest threat to them is a terrorist group that would destroy in a day what Americans have built for years. However perhaps this fear is just exaggerated and that the situation is not as serious as it is made to appear. The fear of attacks using these weapons has made headlines in the U.S. and has actually shaped the politics and policies in this country (Martin, 2006). However some people are of the opinion that although the threat of weapons of mass destruction does exist there is also of exaggeration especially in the political realm. However Americans can be excused for blowing the issue out of proportion as they also have had a fair share of misery in the hands of terrorists.

In conclusion although the threat does exist there is a lot of exaggeration about the same.


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