The Three major Categories of Motives Essay


Motivations can be define as a distressing feeling experienced by a individual or animate being that is ended by executing a behavior that the being believes will or might stop the feeling. Harmonizing to encyclopedia britannica it is defined as those forces moving either on or within a individual to originate behavior. ( Encyclopaedia Britannica )

Motivations are frequently categorize into Primary ( basic ) . Secondary ( learned ) and Stimulus

Primary Motivations include hungriness. thirst. sex. turning away of hurting. It’s unconditioned motivations and common to both animate beings and human. It is related to homeostasis which is fundamentally entails care of normal ( steady ) physiologic organic structure province. Primary motor Acts of the Apostless to keep homeostasis. Example of primary motivations is the feeling of hungriness which is besides known as demand for nutrient.

Secondary motivation ; are learned motivations. They varied from one animate being to the other and individual to individual. Example of secondary motivations includes wonder. aspiration. competition. aggression. involvement. Attitudes. Achievement and Power motive. It’s normally acquired as portion of socialisation procedure. Study besides indicates that persons have the ability to larn new motivations. The motivations can be acquired by the undermentioned technique ; classical. instrumental. and experimental acquisition.

Stimulus motivations are unconditioned but they involve motivations to increase instead than diminish stimulation. Peoples and lower animate beings need stimulation and activity. They besides require geographic expedition and use. Example of stimulus motivations can happen when person is walking under a Mangifera indica tree and a mature Mangifera indica fell on his caput. The distressing feeling he might see would be pain on the caput as a consequence of the impact from the Mangifera indica. This can later actuate him to take analgetic when he gets place.


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