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The Lei’s Impact on Hawaii and Its EconomicsFollowed by the Lei Maker – Theodore Wores & Graph of America’s Per Capita IncomePainting: The Lei Maker is a portrait of a Hawaiian sitter who is making a lei out of native flowers and plants. She pauses for a portrait in her holoku (dress), and symbolizes the importance of the lei in Hawaiian everyday life. This piece was done in 1901 and painted by Theodore Wores, a painter who lived on Honolulu from 1901 to 1902. Past: Like in the portrait, lei are traditionally made from beautiful plants like orchids, plumerias, ti leaves, tuberose, many other plants, and sometimes bones. The lei were introduced when Hawaiian travelers made their way from Tahiti to Hawaii on canoes, and were rewarded with the necklace. This sacred part of Hawaii has also brought luck and bad luck to travelers and pregnant mothers, which proves how valuable and important they are to Hawaiian culture. Also, when receiving a lei, the receiver must kiss the person who made it, and he or she must be careful not to do things with the lei that would be disrepectful (ie. swing around lei, throw on the ground, etc.) Present: Once tourists found interest in Hawaii, the lei immediately became the symbol representing Hawaii, and this was thought by many. With the lei becoming more popular, making Hawaii more popular, more cultural aspects changed, and made more tourist money for Hawaii leading to the per capita income of $50,363, $1,00 more than the U.S. average*. In the early 1900s crowded the Aloha Tower pier because of their importance and symbolism, and of course it made money for Hawaiian businesses. This lead to the lei being seen everywhere from your arrival at the airport to when you would check into a hotel. (As you can see, Hawaii still sticked with the theme of giving it upon arrival, but lei were also used for graduations, weddings, and birthdays. Also, lei started becoming plastic and made by Americans, which ruined the authenticity of it, and its art and importance. Things to also Talk About:You can add this on to your lecture to help engaging audience. Per Capita Income: This is the average income for each person in a certain place. This as a lot to o with what jobs and resources they have available. Tourism: Tourism has brought lots of money and jobs for the people in Hawaii, but this also takes away their culture and authenticity. Reason for Becoming U.S: The more money Hawaii got from different crops and materials, the more valuable Hawaii became to the U.S.