The everything that has happened to his life,

The poem “Invictus” was written by William Ernest Henley. He wrote it by linking the poem to his life. This poem typically based on the writer’s life or his reviews in life. The topic of the poem is the will to live on in the face of different challenges. It’s far a poetry for folks that discover themselves in dark and attempting conditions, who must dig deep and combat for his or her lives.

            On the first stanza, the imagery is powerful, it is night time; the dark

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covers the entire situation in black. The night time then turns into an image of hopelessness, a depressive medium in which the soul is misplaced, it describes the problems of his adolescence. The second line, “the pit from pole to pole” is a fundamental way of likening the darkness of the night time to the lightness. The writer is stricken by bleak times throughout his existence, it turned out that the soul gave him the strong will and determination to survive his bleak and to be thankful for giving him a soul that cannot be conquered.

On the second stanza, the speaker here is suggesting that no matter being battered and wounded, the head should still have held high. In this stanza, it also refers to his difficult and persevering with the situation, he has the strength to keep on going, and not to be defeated by the problem in which he is going through. After everything that has happened to his life, he remained strong and he don’t let any negative situations that may come in his life.

At the third stanza, the speaker considers the future, all the anger and pain related to his life, and mainly in locations together with hospitals, the ‘Horror of the shade’ could be a few hellish areas of dark in which depression lies, a menacing idea. The speaker has a clear intention, to live on towards all the odds. It also states that even though he might not know what’s to come back, he is unafraid and ready to continue his life. The infection in which he has been suffering so long from will find him without worry and with the strong optimism in life. The speaker was trying to say that he’s aware of what happened to him, that he will stay fearless and he will face all the challenges in life with braveness.

On the fourth stanza, the speaker is declaring that whether someone believes in heaven and hell or not, the plain truth is that the person is in control of their personal fate. It states that even though his future can be established due to the disorder, he will continue and manage his own fate and soul, that this conflict does not rely on him now and into the future. “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”, these ultimate traces are some of the famous lines in all of literature, and they may be a continued source of motivation for people to strive harder.

To sum up the poem, it accurately demonstrates the struggles in which the writer has experienced and shows that his internal strength, his personal power has endured to give him strength. The other word fo “Invictus” is ‘unconquered’, which reflects the main theme of the poem. More importantly, it says that it does not rely on who you are, believer or not, you may overcome dark times by being brave and never losing faith in your very own soul’s strength.