The 3% of people had experience at

 The word “Depression” is becoming more popular in recent years. The arising number of  teenagers’ suicide cases put “depression” into a heated discussion. Owing to tragedies have happened, it awakes Hongkongers the severity of depression. Apart from teenagers, any stages of age may have the possibility to suffer from mental illness and arise to these similar tragic endings. Mental illness is never far away to be talked with.    A group of figures have been posed by The Centre for Health Protection that there are 3% of people had experience at least 1 times per week, however, about half of the sufferers never thought of seeking medications or treatments (cited in Shirley, Z., 2017). This shows the severity of depression and the knowledge of how to manage their mental illness is insufficient. Depression is said to be significant because it is the main cause of suicide stated by Dr. Chan, the director of health (cited in Shirley, Z., 2017). The Coroner’s Court’s suicide cases noted that from 2011 to 2015, there are around three quarters of people who commit suicide due to their depression symptoms (cited in the Hong Kong Government, 2017).    To cope with depression, mental health service play primmitive role. However, the manpower in medical field is always demanding. The waiting time in Hong Kong for psychiatric patients to see doctors has increased to more than three years (Elizabeth, C., 2016). Furthermore, the most affected target age group will be the elderly. The risk of commiting suicide among elderlies with depression symptoms increase 2.2 times than that do not (The Hong Kong Government, 2017). It poses a threat to future medical field due to aging in population, the risk of having mental illness will slurgingly increased.    By seeing the point of depression is becoming more youthful and sever to have, preventing the worsening of depression situation is eager to do.