The Julian had in the past.It is beautiful

The island (canal) of the dead dolls is in Xochimilco that has many many broken dolls that  are hanged in trees.They are many legends about this place but I went there and this is what I remember they told me about the legend of the island of the dead dolls.This canal gets their attention because of the broken dolls hanging almost everywhere is the canal.It was property of Julian Santana Barrera and he hanged the dolls in the trees to avoid the spirit of a little girl that had drowned in the canal many years ago(in his property).They had been told about a girl that the girl had been found in the edge of Julian’s chinampas so Julian thought that if he hanged all of the broken dolls he would find in the trash,canal,or anywhere else he would get rid of the bad spirit of the girl.They gave the name to this island near the 1950 (when he started hanging the dolls).             Don Julian had started experimenting like things to how to get rid of the bad spirits.He thought that the dolls for sure get rid of the spirit.Julian saw that many people would come and stare at the property of Julian and he started letting the people get closer for them to see the dolls.Almost all of the people that had been close they gave Julian dolls because he had let them be close to the dolls so he could hang them.In the year 1987 there had been a rescue in the island because the all of the island was covered with water lily.However after Julian’s death the chinampa had become one of the most place that had tourism in Mexico, or also in Xochimilco ( in the year 2001).The place had began with this tourism increase before he died with the water lilies when he started hanging the dolls but tourism increased a lot throughout the years.Also Emilio el Indio Fernández filmed a movie there called “Maria Candelaria”.   Nowadays this place has access to go in the chinampas ( canal) and there is now a museum with dolls that Julian had in the past.It is beautiful but scary they have also now access to gather people up and taking them to “El museo del Ajolote” ,through “la Laguna de Teshuilo” and “La Isla de la Llorona”.