The Top Causes of Relationship Breakups Essay

When you fall in love, you feel like a million dollars. When you marry your love, you are intoxicated with joy. You never think a break up is possible.

You are sure your love and joy are going to last forever. But as the days or months or years pass, you feel something has gone wrong. Your feeling gets stronger and stronger, and before you know it, you break up with your partner and dissolve into tears of misery.

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The break up of a loving relationship can cause untold pain.However, the thousands of divorces and break ups that are taking place all over the world prove that a break up is one of the sad realities of life. Many times, one wonders which is worse-staying in an unhappy relationship or breaking up. Either way, it is a deep personal loss, a shattering experience that can force you into temporary depression.

Why do people break up in spite of the misery it creates? The millions of break up reasons cannot be mentioned.However, some of these reasons are too silly for words or not at all the right reasons for a break up. For example, people break up if they have a tiff, a disagreement, a difference of taste and opinion or find someone else attractive or if their partner doesn’t listen to them or make them happy.

In such cases, coming to a consensus is a much more pleasant option that breaking up. However, there are situations in which life becomes so painful that a break up is the only way out. Here is a list of top reasons people break up a relationship.