The Trouble Days Essay

Getting in trouble was very common for me while I was growing up. I would get in trouble anywhere from my home, school, and even in Chuck E. Cheese. I know what many people say, ‘how someone gets in trouble in a Chuck E. Cheese,’ well it is possible. Of course all the things I did were because I was young and stupid and I didn’t know better. When I was younger, I did things because I stupid, and no I didn’t know better. When I was the age of 7 or 8, I was at my sister’s party, which was at Chuck E. Cheese I barely learned that the bird was bad but didn’t know what it meant, I gave the bird to the robotic Chuck E. Cheese.

When I did that I thought I was the coolest kid on earth. Not knowing that my dad was looking, he comes up to me and tells me that he will talk to me later. Well later came, then I had thought he had forgotten about the incident. He calls me into my room and tells me that it was not the correct thing to do and that I was grounded. Another time I got in trouble was freshmen year in English class when my friend Damiko, and I thought it would be fun to throw each other’s backpacks across the room. We he had a sub that day and thought she would not care because it was already the end of the day.

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Unfortunately, we were wrong, and they told us to get out and head to the Dean’s office. After, being in the Dean’s office we both got two days detention and one Saturday detention. As a result, I learned that most subs would report you for the slightest things ever. One night about three to four years ago, I thought everyone was asleep especially my mom. I decided to play with my PSP when all of a sudden I hear my bedroom door open. It was my mother, and I had totally forgotten to put the volume down. After yelling, at me she grabs my PSP, from my hands and throws it to the floor.

All I could think was she broke my PSP and when my dad came home I told on my mom that she had broken my PSP. Instead of my dad yelling at me for playing in the middle of the night he got mad at my mom for breaking my PSP. Well, it was easy for me to get in trouble because I usually never pay attention to things. I always learned a lesson after getting trouble; it was usually the same lesson, always think before you act. I would always act and do whatever I will do to get in trouble before I would think and consequently I would get caught.