The Truman Show 1998 Essay

Television, in its truest sense is the most deceiving media accessible to us; this is very effectively portrayed both realistically and poetically in the movie: “The Truman Show”.

However, the movie not only showed the degree of media deception but also a more philosophical view of real life. It is but the perfect visual representation of stoicism and also the perfect translation of reality television, which, on one hand is ‘real’ and ‘tricky’ on the other. Inasmuch as we would like to believe that reality television presents ostensibly unscripted dramatic or humorous events, the idea of it being part of a medium which encloses itself in layers and layers of deceit still lingers.  En contraire, one thing is for sure: that the people we see on screen are real people who breathe, live and strive for something just as we are; that their eyes still are the windows to their soul. We can believe confidently, that whenever these people on these reality shows are human beings who cry when in despair and smiles and laughs when they are happy. We know for a fact that just as we do, they sleep, eat drink and feel the need for affection.

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On the other hand, what we do not know is if the emotions which we see on their faces on TV are stimulated by an outside force with the intention of gaining a higher rating or if it is as real as it looks on screen. Likewise, what we do not know is if the happy people that they appear to be is as real as their physical being. What we do not know, is if these human beings who seem to be so real in this ‘reality’ show is as tangible as what the show’s branding makes it appear to be; or if the reaction of the other people in the show is as real as how they would react without the cameras.

Finally, as related to ‘The Truman Show’, there is no reality on screen just as there is none on stage. Inasmuch as the stoics would like to believe that our life is one big show directed by God, reality TV makes us believe that what they offer is real life without any director. Thus, neither way, we never know that truth.