The Twin Towers Collapse Essay

Jacqueline Moore C. Stephen Coleman Jr. , Instructor English 299, Section A November 16, 2010 The Twin Towers Collapse New York was always known for the Twin Towers, also called the World Trade Center. The World Trade Center building’s, were two building’s in New York City that were almost identical to each other. This is why they were known as the Twin Towers. In New York the World Trade Center brought together different government agencies, and gave businesses the opportunity to conduct foreign exchange as well as other business transactions in this facility.

Thousands of people would enter the facility each day either to work or conduct business transactions. However, on September 11, 2001, America, as we know it would be changed forever. On this day, terrorists would fly planes into both Twin Towers causing major destruction. Both buildings would collapse in a matter of minutes before our eyes, leaving thousands trapped inside unable to escape. There were many that were injured and killed from not being able to escape the devastation.

While, in a dangerous situation where you would have people running out to safety, it is the individual’s who works as Firefighter’s and are trained to go in dangerous condition not knowing if they will make it out. September 11, 2001 was a devastating day in our American history for people who were there to conduct business or who worked in the towers; as well as the individual’s who had to response to the destruction. No one could have prepared America for what took place after the planes hit the Twin Towers. It was like time just stood still, and like so many American’s, we all watched as the first tower fell