The U.S. Army in World War II Essay

Name:  Your nameClass:  Your classTitle:  The U.S. Army in World War IISubject:  In my paper, I examine the U.

S. Army in World War II in terms of the challenges it faced, its structural organization, and its ultimate success.Thesis Statement:  The U.S. Army faced numerous challenges in World War II, and its triumph over these challenges proved that it was one of the strongest armies in the world.Outline:I.

Introduction –A. The U.S. Army’s entry in the WarB. Italy’s surrender            C. Landing at Utah and Omaha beachesII.

Problem 1: Lack of support from air troops            A. Results1. High amounts of casualties                        2.

U.S. forces outnumbered            B.

Overcame challenge through use of delayed tacticsIII. Problem 2: Supply crisis            A. Causes                        1.

Lack of manufacturing capacity                        2. Goods and equipment could not reach American troops            B. Result – troops experienced very bad living conditions            C. Overcame challenge                        1. Use of ports near to Omaha beach                        2. Use of air transport (as opposed to roads which had been destroyed by bombs)                        3. Working in cooperation with other Allied leadersIV.

Problem 3: Winter weather            A. Problem made worse my lack of winter clothing, closing of sea ports            B. Resolution of problem when spring beganV. Organization of U.S. Army            A. Corps – 18 U.S.

Army Corps in 1945            B. Armies                        1. formed from two or more corps                        2. 10 U.

S. Armies in World War II                        3. 2nd and 4th – stationed in U.S.                        4. 1st, 3rd, 9th – France, Belgium, Germay                        5. 5th, 7th – Italy            C.

Army Groups                        1. formed from two or more armies (could be with forces from 2 or more countries)                        2. 12th Army Group – 1st and 3rd American Armies                        3. 21st Army Group – British and Canadian forces                        4. 15th Army Group – Italy, all Allied forcesVI.

Assignment of divisions to rest periods and battle at the frontVII. Problem 4: High rate of casualties            A. Cause – intense war fare over a long period of timeB.

Solutions1. Redistribution of forces, troops2. Use of trained replacements3. Allowing injured soldiers to recover and return to warVIII.

Conclusion – U.S. Army met challenges and proved that they were one of the strongest military powers in the world.

U.S. Army proved they had the capacity to participate in mechanized warfare.Sources (you need at least 5):Black, Jeremy. World War II. London: Routledge, 2003Bowers, Claude. My Mission to Spain: Watching the Rehearsal for World War II. New York: Simon and Schuter, 1954Brophy, Leo & Fisher, George.

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