The Untouchables – Film Essay

The Untouchables In the film “The untouchables” directed by Brian De Palma, It’s a very inaccurate portrayal of real life events. The screen writers twisted the truth to make for a more entertaining storyline and overall more appealing movie.

Characters in the film are somewhat made up and also depicted in different ways to make them seem better or worse. Elliot Ness is portrayed to be the perfect 1930’s husband but in reality he is quite the opposite.Elliot Ness is real life is an unmarried lonely and a raging alcoholic, so the writers of the film portrayed him to be an almost Robin Hood type character but in reality he is the opposite of a perfect husband. Frank Nitty was killed by falling from the top of the courthouse, or was he. The film shows Elliot Ness pushing Nitty off the roof of the courthouse but that is totally twisting the truth.

Frank was also shown trying to kill members of the untouchables this was also completely false. Frank Nitty was the second in command in Capone’s empire, so he would not even risk being prosecuted for murders.He also did not fall to his death from the courtroom; once Capone was convicted he took over the empire and ran the organization whilst Capone was in jail. This just proves that the movie even though it does show some truth that does not mean that the whole film is based on the true story. Elliot Ness forced the corrupt judge to change the jury. This is also false, the movie shows Elliot trying to convince the judge and then it cuts back to the court and the judge changes the jury implying that Elliot said something to change the judge’s mind.In reality the judge decided to swap the jury himself and Elliot had nothing at all to do with the switching of jury’s. The movie is changing the facts to make the movie more appealing, this is done because the true way it happened is not as exciting to watch as the way that they scripted it in the movie.

The event with the baseball bat is not what really happened. This scene is based on a true event but is altered because it did not happen in the way that they showed it in the movie.Even though the facts were twisted it still depicts what truly happened. Even though the movie changed a lot of the characters and facts you still get the general sense of what happened.

So all in all the entirety of the movie is twisted purely to make the movie more entertaining, but in saying that it doesn’t mean I don’t mean to make out that the movie is bad in any way. The movie is still a great portrayal of real events. Even though facts are mixed up a bit it still shows the famous legacy of Al Capone.