The using technology as a medium to

The review of the literature shows the diversity of research approaches. This diversity comes from avariety of factors. The researchers come from a variety of fields (computer science, engineering, psy-chology), using different theories and value research based on different criteria. The analysis resultedinto a classification of the papers based on the following categories: teaching children/machinesabout emotions, designing with/for children, target group, technological approaches.Teaching children about emotionsUnderstanding how social and emotional skills are learned and how this process can be supportedby technology is an important area in HCI so far. Many tools were created for children to explorethe role of emotional expressions and focused on supporting children’s emotional growth.Teaching machines about emotionsAutomatic recognition of emotional states is a challenging problem which takes the attention ofresearchers in the area of Interaction design. Several approaches were used investigating emotionrecognition problem. Real-time applications recognized emotions like surprise, anger, happiness,sadness, fear, disgust and neutral expression were used as a medium to understand and communicatewith children who in several cases cannot emote verbally.Designing with/for childrenIn some cases the researchers worked with children as design partners. User-centred participatory-design methods, novel to the domain of interaction design of affective components for learning, wereused for gathering user requirements from children. In other cases, novel ways were designed forchildren to gain basic skills and provide them with new ways of expressing themselves.Target group•Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD):Children with autism spectrumconditions usually face difficulties in recognizing and responding to emotional and mentalstates in others’ facial expressions. Early intervention and treatment is of major concernand therefore a number of detection and teaching methods have been developed, includingthe use of ICT. Several investigations were conducted on the effectiveness of the methodsused for the interaction of children on ASD with technology tools, as well as on knowledgetransfer. A lot of researchers focused on using technology as a medium to help children withand social-communication difficulties