The value of IT industry certifications Essay

The value of IT industry certificationsIntroductionCertification maybe defined as the process by which a non-governmental association or agency grant competent recognition to individuals who meet qualifications that are predetermined by that agency or association. Information Technology is one of the many fields that have spurred recent trends in certifications. Whether certifications are vender-neutral or vender-specific, they stand out to be ideal in preparing professionals to become experts in particular professionals. In the year 2004, a researcher by the names Becky Nagel did an annual survey to determine some of the most popular and fast growing credentials in the IT industry. She terms the certifications as hot. This according to her does not mean that the certifications were popular, but rather the fastest growing credentials in the industry. The survey was based on an annual reader where for an approximate number of seventy certifications, a comparison was made for those holding the certifications to those willing to get the particular certification.

She further analyzed the certifications by determining the buzz scores of the certifications basing on what people were saying about a particular certification and some of the titles received on those certifications. Security stands as a major area of certification in Becky’s 2004 article. She describes this area as vendor-neutral and an entry-level certification that is most popular. This is because in a similar survey in the year 2003 she discovered that most people took the certification, same to the year 2004 and more people were willing and had plans of taking the certification in the year 2005.Many IT professionals always have mixed feelings of when it comes to choosing certifications. This is so because of the fact that it is not a guarantee of employment or salary increase. But before considering any certifications an IT professional has to embrace the fact that technology changes at all times. A programmer who does not know COBOL from FORTRAN appreciates that technology changes.

Therefore any IT profession should earn certification(s) as part of bettering his IT skills. He has to accept that learning is a continual processing. In this paper I will discuss the value of IT certifications in the IT industry. The question here is: Is the value of IT certifications as good as ever?Certification TechnologyCertification stands out as one of the main tiebreakers of employing managers in industrial organizations.

Most industries would rather replace uncertified IT professionals with certified ones. Certified professionals are believed to be more productive, have more and effective credibility with employers and are always more prepared. A bankable attribute is to the certified professionals since they may receive increase in their salaries of up to 3 percent which maybe slightly above the industry’s average salary scale.Information Technology field has wide range of certification .One area of certification in the networking or operating systems area. I will discuss one of the certifications in this field i.

e. Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA) in solving the problem of data integrity and security. A certification from this association verifies an in-depth knowledge in Mac OS X server and Mac OS X architecture.

It also aids in configuration of machines. This includes designing and configuring networks, troubleshooting, customizing, designing and tuning a big range of services. A certified professional from ACSA will have knowledge on how to integrate both the Mac OS X server and Mac OS X within a networked environment that is heterogeneous. Adequate knowledge of the Mac OS X server will enable the administrator implement most POSIX APIs that makes it easy to port most UNIX applications.

The main advantage of this server’s architecture is the use of applications inclusive of an exemplary user interface due to the fact that it does not include the X windows system UI toolkits.I will use an analyzed salary trend example from UK. There is more demand for ACSA in IT jobs compared to other Qualifications as tracked recently. For the past three months this year in the UK it can be seen that the average maximum salary for an ACSA was 45 909 dollars as compared to 39 444 dollars last year at the same time.Problem solving: insecurityIn most IT organizations it is a network administrator’s job to ensure that there is a good network system for effective communication. It is part of his job to also make sure that an organizations data is secure and safe.

The computing industry has a lot of evolutionary technology. Among some of the professionals in the industry are computer and data hackers. It is the role of an administrator to make sure that data in an organization is not corrupt. Hence this calls for adequate technology in data and network security. Mac Os X is one of the operating systems that are user friendly. This is because it comes with the graphical user technology embedded in it. It solves the insecurity problem. Mac OS X comes with a systems code and allows a system administrator manage a network effectively.

It offers a wide range of hardware drives that assist network administrators maintain robustness and predictability in the current OS X .Apple have avoided hardware bulkiness e.g. making mousses that are one buttoned.ShortcomingsThe expensiveness likely to be incurred in employing Mac OS X technology is a large string attached to Apple. This is because of the mandatory use of Apple hardware incases of Mac OS technology. Many IT industries would avoid sponsoring their workers to such certifications to avoid expenses.

And since certifications are not a guarantee to new jobs, lesser professionals would rather remain with the Microsoft knowledge. Hence insecurity in still a threat to many IT industries.ConclusionComputer breaches in several IT industries stand out as a major source of their losses. With the presence of firewalls, cooperate edits and encryption; there is still destruction and theft of intellectual property. Security is not a separate job task for network administrators. It is part of every day’s task in network administration.

Hence certifications should focus on job tasks. And therefore organizations are seeking individuals with good IT security knowledge. Over time it is evident that most IT organizations are holding security certification as an entry-level prerequisite for job seekers. Due to the emergence of more networks in many IT companies, there is need for a quality communication system. This calls for a qualified system administrator to monitor a company’s network.

In particular, a network administrator with certification ACSA that offers skills in Mac OS X server knowledge is eligible for security management within an organization’s network. This is because a Mac server has the capacity to host multiple websites on a same server.Since job experience is key to acquiring jobs in the IT industry it is very important for a continuous learning process for IT professionals. Certifications play a major role since they offer adequate knowledge of the changing technology. And hence for professionals keeping an IT job and progressing in their careers is not only an event but also a process. Continous. Learning to them is but a process.

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