The Vanity of Today Essay

The vanity of today is everywhere in peoples lives whether they admit it or not. Either it’s what their “friends” do or even just classmates that are next to them, either way there is no escape from it. For so many reasons, people always have “followed the crowd”, or in another words “The Vanity” of today. For those who wonder why people has always done this and why, it’s quite simple. People follow the vanity because of not wanting to be an outcast but to just simply to fit in with the crowd around them, and to do this they choose the theme of today’s real world with their clothing, styles, etc. nd there are so many books that even have examples of this like “The Crucible”. In the real world of today everyone just wants to simply fit in. No one wants to be the outcast, because of so many reasons. The world is not easy, which mostly everyone can agree on, it never has. Being and going with the crowd makes people can feel safer, for they won’t have to stand on their own. Plus, it’s much, much easier for them and everyone else when in the crowd.

Because when they’re on their own, they have to rely on they’re own experiences and knowledge to make decisions. When they’re in the crowd, they rely on their knowledge and experience to make decisions. Also, when in doubt they rely on what the crowd wants. And everyone that does stand on their own is always usually shunned out or shut out by today‘s society, which is one of peoples of today’s phobias. They follow the vanity to be accepted by their peers, and to not be ostracized for being different.

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People also stay in crowds for punishment flaws. If something was to go wrong, the blame and responsibilities can be dispersed and spread throughout then the situation, and is displeasing for all. When one is alone and is responsible for whatever is going on, lies squarely on that person’s shoulders. So then, they will do whatever is necessary to ensure the outcome will be the way they want it. With fitting in, they take on everyone else’s “style”. For a good example, clothing.

Most people will wear the clothing of today, or what they see everyone else’s wearing. If they don’t, again they could possibly be shut out quickly. For example if the crowd is wearing American Eagle and jeans that are solid colors like neon orange, red, or even purple and pink, a person wearing a simple loose T-Shirt and holy jeans will clearly be different from the crowd and will not have the best reaction. Another reason people pick clothing of today the way they do is possibly because of their “way of life”.

They don’t want others to think that “she’s struggling” and “she probably can’t afford to buy anything new clothing in her life” but instead want other people or the crowd to think that “Everything’s fine and nothing wrong with them”. When it come to style, so many things are so popular. From shoes, to hair, nails, vehicles, and the list keeps continuing. Shoes like Converse and Nike. And the only reason cowboy boots are worn in the city, where they will never even touch a real pasture with horses, and livestock, is because it’s “cool”.

When it comes to hair, color is very popular. With girls these days, they will dye their hair every month from color to color because, “that color is boring”, even though she may personally love that particular color. But yet, just because one person made a comment on how long she has had that color in her hair will make her mind up quickly for her just to, again, fit in with what the others think. Nails are pretty much the same way. Now with vehicles, that’s interesting. It depends on where anyone is really.

If you are in the city and everyone has a little smart car…Guess what everyone will still get until “the style” is changed. For example, if a Mustang come out with a new version of it’s self, then that could possibly be then new style of today. That goes for trucks too, just like the cowboy boots. Just because it’s “cool” to have a truck and society has made them famous, everyone will get one because everyone has one. Even, as I said earlier, they won’t even be used on how “they are supposed to be”.

For example, people in the city won’t pull horse trailers everywhere, tracker trailers, or even haul things like hay and wood like people that actually live in the country do all the time. Many books has examples of “The vanity”. Like in the “Crusible”, many people got judged on how if they didn’t go to church then something must be going on. They even feared witchcraft between those people. Like when John Proctor got questioned for not being in church, when he was really in the field farming, caused others to think twice about him. Back then, if you weren’t in church then you could possibly be in an outcast situation.

In conclusion, the vanity is very popular in this world. Again, if people admit it or not, it’s there. With “the crowd” of today, with fellow people around you from classmates, friends, etc, it’s hard not to miss. With people not wanting to be an outcast and to just simply to fit in with the crowd around them, with the clothing of today, styles, etc. and with so many books that even have examples of this like “The Crucible”, that was mentioned. The vanity is a major part of today, even if people try to fight against it, it will always be there.