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I. Introduction Today, processor power has gone beyond what any of these tasks demand: Even the least-expensive, lowest-of-the-low-end PC can perform any of those jobs admirably. For less than $1000 you should be able to pick up a PC and monitor that, a year ago, would have resided at or near the top of our Top 10 Power PCs chart. The only reasons to exceed that price are if you want the latest doodads, if you’re a gamer and strain your PC for every iota of performance, or if you include additional peripherals like a printer or scanner.

I am a college student who has 18 years of age which shifts my choice of desktop computers into one that is of to my use for school work, entertainment and leisure. I was given the liberty to take $2000 as my budget to search for the best computer I could find may it be through the net or scouting through every PC store in the vicinity of Manila. I chose the net to begin my search for a high quality Desktop Personal Computer that may suite my preferences. II. The Right Desktop Personal Computer, Its Features and Importance.

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Basing my choice of a good quality desktop personal computer on my lifestyle, age, gender, needs and wants I chose the SONY RS530G. Allocated by Sony as a “studio” for digital media, the light gray and blue RS530G comes equipped with a 160GB hard drive, a dual-format 4X DVD record able drive, plus a pile of preinstalled software for recording live TV shows and for working with video, music, and digital photographs. Which meet with my needs as for I enjoy downloading mp3s, movies that I have missed or even sitcoms that I just want to collect.

Other packaged software lets me turn the RS530G into a server so that networked computers can access the media files. Each application also has a handy wizard to guide me through tasks which makes it less hassle for me to go through the guides and makes it user friendly. Sony throws in a remote control so that couch potatoes like me can pick through and launch audio and video files while at the comfort of my bed. The remote control may not be a key feature of the system but many may benefit from this.

The RS530G has plenty of connectivity options, too: The line of front ports, which are located behind a door that springs open and shut at the bottom of the case, includes a 4-pin I. Link S400 port, three USB 2. 0 ports, and a set of S-Video and composite-video inputs. Directly above the ports is a memory card reader for Compact Flash, Smart Media, and Memory Stick storage cards. Sony thoughtfully labels the slots with clear descriptors so I won’t have to guess.

The numerous ports that come with the unit allow one to access numerous extra functions like instantly connecting digital cameras, mp3 players for easy song transfers and upgraded audio performance. On the back are a coaxial port for standard cable input to the TV tuner card, a trio of line-in and microphone jacks, plus three more USB 2. 0 ports and a powered (6-wire) I. Link port. Additionally, I found left and right RCA audio inputs and composite and S-Video inputs, so the system can receive signals from a variety of video sources, such as a VCR or a camcorder.

It can also output to a living room entertainment system via S-Video and composite video, left and right RCA analog audio, and an S/PDIF digital optical port. It’s practically the new best friend of a movie lover or a student like me who has nothing to do on a free day but invite a few friends over to enjoy the facilities with me. The 15-inch Sony SDM-HS53 LCD with the unit displayed fine text and graphics. The text looked crisp and was easy to read at all sizes, and colors appeared bright and vivid on a test photo, games, and a DVD movie. The sound quality produced by the two satellite speakers is merely adequate.

Both bass notes and trebles sounds distorted at high volumes but it’s still above mediocre because I could always hook it up on my other entertainment systems to make it sound better. It also comes with a package that has the software Microsoft Works 7. 0, Sony Click to DVD, Picture Gear Studio, DVgate Plus, Sonic Stage which allows me to edit my pictures, watch my DVD and VCD’s and at the same time not miss out on my school work by allowing me to type my documents on Microsoft word, excel and make presentations through Microsoft power point.

Features of SONY RS530G Street price when ranked Expensive: $1850 CPU 3. 2-GHz Pentium 4 System Memory 512MB of DDR400 SDRAM Hard Drive (GB) 160 GB Monitor size and model 15-inch Sony SDM-HS53 LCD Graphics 128MB ATI Radeon 9200 Case Type Mini-tower Open bays, slots 1 internal bay, 1 slot Extra Features Removable-media drives 4x DVDi?? R/RW drive, 16x DVD-ROM drive, Flash media reader for Compact Flash I/II, Memory Stick, Smart Media Sound card Integrated Analog Devices Speakers Sony VAIO stereo 2. 0 Communication v.90 modem, 10/100 network adapter, 7 USB 2. 0 ports, 2 FireWire ports Software Microsoft Works 7. 0, Sony Click to DVD.