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The use of pathos and
ethos can also be seen in this commercial. Ethos is established here by the
little girl, this ad appears to be rendered from her own personal life which
establishes a sense of credibility even though she is only a child. The
audience can also establish her credibility because there is a belief that
children are usually brutally honest therefore she wouldn’t lie about her
family life. Pathos is also used to persuade the audience in a few different
ways. The main example is the heart wrenching story of a father willing to
sacrifice everything. However, pathos is also established through the music
that the producer decided to choose. The music in a commercial can make people
feel different emotions therefore it also plays a critical role in selling a
product. At the beginning of the video the music accompanying the video is
upbeat and happy, however there is still a soothing sound to it. However, when
the little girl says, “He lies”, the music gradually changes to a more
depressing tone. Surprisingly the music chosen still has a soothing yet
dramatic effect due to the strings that are heard. The producers could have
chosen to choose a song that was more chaotic, but this probably would have led
the audience to become distracted from the storyline. There were also no words
to any of the songs which helped keep the audience focused on the little girl
telling her story

interesting thing to note about this commercial is the contrasting view of the
dad and the parents surrounding him. This strategy also helps with the use of
pathos throughout the video. There are various scenes were we see a financial
and parental difference between the father and other parents. In one scene we
are shown the father and the daughter walking to school. The father is dressed
professionally and is carrying a backpack, we also see that there are other
parents in professional attire however they are shown with phones in their
hands and another has a briefcase instead of a backpack. We are also shown a
scene of their home, during this scene the room doesn’t seem big or fancy. Therefore,
the audience can assume that they are not as financially stable as he appears
in the first scene. Even though there is a financial difference, the dad
appears to be more supportive and involved than the other parents.

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of the most important tactic that MetLife used for this commercial is fear.
This commercial is emotional in many ways, but it attracts the audience because
they can relate to it. Not necessarily in financial means but in the idea that
most parents want what’s best for their children. The audience is presented
with a father who lies to his daughter in order to make her happy. The father
is shown performing many different types of job, such as cleaning windows,
helping with construction, and cleaning toilets. However, the audience can
assume that he still isn’t making enough money. In one scene he tells his
daughter that he isn’t hungry because he doesn’t have enough money for two
meals. In another scene, the father uses the last of his money to buy his
daughter a popsicle. Overall, we are shown a father who is willing to sacrifice
himself in order to put his child first. With this portrayal MetLife constructs
the message that all these sacrifices won’t help the child if the parent passes
away and they are once again left with nothing. It makes the audience realize that
they need to buy MetLife’s life insurance for their children’s future. Using
fear to sell a product may not seem morally right but it is a method that
works, especially when it involves family.

understand the purpose of the commercial better let’s first look at who the
intended audience is. The commercial features a single parent taking care of
his daughter, therefore we can assume that they are trying to cater to single
parents. We can also further specify the demographic audience by noting that
the commercial was filmed in Thailand. Therefore, the audience targets single
parents who reside in countries in Asia. Circling back to the purpose, MetLife
wants its audience to purchase life insurance or invest in the EduCare plan
they provide. The commercial doesn’t specify what it wants the audience to buy,
whether it’s life insurance or the EduCare plan but it subtly hints that with
MetLife the audience’s children wouldn’t be left helpless if something were to
happen to the parent.

Dad is a Liar” is a commercial aired by the insurance company MetLife Hong Kong.
The commercial focuses on a little girl who is telling her story through a
letter she wrote about her dad. The beginning of the commercials shows her
father reading the letter as they walk to school. The audience is given a
glimpse into her happy life and how great her father is. The audience is
presented with shots of her father buying her ice cream, taking her out to eat,
helping with homework and attending school events. However, the tone of the
commercial changes when he reads the line, “he lies”. The audience is then
shown how her father lies about his happiness, his job and not being hungry, among
many other things.  When her father
finishes reading the letter, they hug and the commercial cuts to a frame that
says “a child’s life is worth every sacrifice. Pursue more from life”.