The way situations might influence consumer attitudes Essay

Discuss the way situations might influence consumer attitudes. For example, what might be the attitude of the consumer be late at night after a class? What about for lunch on the run and dinner with friend before a movie? Discuss a vegan seeking dining options and the attitudes they might express. Are there any other situation you can think of? 1 . Situation influence consumer attitudes Attitudes occur within a situation. Coffman and other (2014) suggested that “situation” means events or circumstances that influence the relationship between an attitude and behavior in a specific point of time.

Cote Jar. And Wong (1985) also agreed with this and provided a research using the Model of Situational Influences (Figure 1). Figure 1: Model of Situational Influences According to the model, an unexpected situation occurs can change the consumers initial intention and thus, lead to a different behavior that inconsistent with the attitude. As time passes, situation change may cause the consumer to adjust his/her behavior. Miller and Ginger (1979) also suggested that the use of situation-specific measure in attitude model would help the manager to predict subsequent brand choice behavior. Situation 1: Dinner for late night after a class Angelino (n. D) provides that in Australia, consumers consider dinner is the main meal of the day. Thus, consumer will prefer a proper meal, sit around a table with family members and enjoy fresh, healthy food. However, when the unexpected situation of a late night after class comes in, they will have to choose a quicker meal such as fast food or convenience meal at supermarket. Average Australian eats fast food nearly every week (Hold 2014). Sombrero positioned themselves as a healthy alternative to fast food while being tasty.

Thus, consumer can still have a fast option that suitable in the situation of late night as well as a healthy food that suitable with the attitudes for dinners. Therefore, by targeting students, this situation leads to consumer’s favorable attitude for Sombrero to expand their business and gain market share from other fast food competitors. 3. Situation 2: Dinner with friends before a movie On the other hand, when the consumers want to have dinner before the movie, they want a place that is spacious enough to gather as a group and chit chat as well as good food.

Therefore, this situation will lead to an intension of choosing a good ambiance restaurant. Sombrero might have tasty food but their ambiance is more toward fast food set up. Therefore, consumers might not like and choose Sombrero. However, if they have limited time before the movie start, Sombrero can become a good choice with positive attitude instead. 4. Situation 3: Lunch on the run In Australia, lunch is often sandwiches or lunch box from left over dinner. Other option is to go to food courts or eateries to have a quick dish. The situation of having “lunch in the run” is not too different from the normal situation.

Sombrero has already been a good choice for lunch at universities. It satisfies the need for both healthy and quick lunch. The menu of Sombrero include varieties of burrito and taco is totally suitable for a grab and go situation. Drive-through option at some locations is also an additional factor that helps Sombrero make use of the situation “lunch on the run”. This situation is favorable toward Sombrero business model. 5. Situation 4: Vegan seeking dining option According to the statistic on Vegetarian Victoria (2010), 5% of Australian said they were vegetarian and 1 % said they are vegan.

There is an increase in paganism with the support from celebrities such as talk-show host Ellen Degrees, along with Australian wife Portia De Rossi or Opera Winfred, Oozy Osborne and Russell Brand, athletes like Carl Lewis and Mike Tyson (The Sydney Morning Herald 2011 Thus, by having vegan option, Sombrero improves their image among vegan customers as well as animal lovers. This will lead to a positive consumer attitude for Sombrero. 6. Conclusion In conclusion, Sombrero is creating good image to improve consumer’s favorable attitudes in most of the situations.