The Welcome Table/What It’s Like Being a Black Girl Essay

Being different is all about how you handle it. I choose to compare the poem “What it’s like to be black girl. ” And the short story The Welcome Table. These to stories are told from different point of views, although they both made me feel sorry for the person the story was about. In the story the welcome table very few people felt sorry for the old black lady.

Mostly they felt like she had step on their toes for having the audacity to come in there all white church. She didn’t fit their color code, or dress code. All they saw was a black lady with a not so pretty dress and ashy legs.It made me feel sorry for her. I also made me think about how I felt when I first started going to my church. I was judge along with other unwed mothers who attend. It made me feel uncomfortable. I was among all my same race, but it still as if I was a black sheep.

Being different is what god made us. No one person is exactly the same and we don’t all think alike. When I read the poem “What it’s like to be a black girl. I felt how the old lady was feeling. This poem all I think these two stories had the same point but it was the way the reader views the stories.

The old black lady didn’t care they kicked her out the church. She may not have been welcomed but she sat down at the table. Comparing the two stories the old lady was not welcome by the church members and girl did not welcome herself as she was blossoming into a women. All I could do was think about how I felt when I started going through puberty. I was actually 7 years old when I started growing breast. When I was nine I got my first menstrual cycle.

I remember feel in lost, embarrassed of my looks and completion. I am dark skinned.I have always been a dark child. I remember being that child dressing up with shirts on my head pretending to have long hair. I used to think I wanted to be accusing. I didn’t have long or pretty skin. I had severe acne all my childhood years.

When I reached high school I started to blossom into beautiful women. I played three sports. I had a wonder figure. I was started to accept my body. When I realize I was a pretty person inside and out, people started to tell me the same. It was then I realized that my life was starting to shape up. I related to the poem.I felt like I had jagged edges when I was younger going through puberty.

Then older I got and the more I blossomed into a women I feel like my edges started to shape up. The way the poem was written I was able to follow the changes and transitions in her life. I compared them to mine. How the pressures of having long hair, and light colored skin and eyes made me feel. What makes these two different is the pint of views. The poem what it’s like to be a black girl” is told from 1st person point of view. The story the welcome table is told from the third person point of view.

The setting is in a church. The story has symbols, such as her feeling strongly about her faith that she walked in the church. The members where scared and fearful of her because she was old and scared. Her appearance stood for something. It made her stronger. They thought she was good enough to be there mammy or maid but not serve the same God in their church. The narrarar sets the tone of the story by telling what everyone is thinking and doing to her. Of course if you’re putting yourself in her shoes you feeling sorry for yourself or you’re getting hot because of the way you are being treated.

The poem what it’s like being a black girl is told in 1st person so it’s easy to fall into that character mode? The stories were told well and the narrator gave a plot good enough to help me use my imagination to connect. I think the poem used satire. The girl really didn’t see what was already there.

The two stories had its different and its similarities. I think it’s all about how the reader receives what the writer gives. Looking for literacy terms that will help you better understand it.