The Wella Brand Essay

The wella brand We unite people who are passionate about hair, in the quest for moments of hair triumph. For us, it’s all about hair. From the beginning it was always like that. Everything inspired by our love of hairdressing to innovate, inspire and enable what we call moments of hair triumph – every day. Professional hair is our reason to be, the stylist our creator, and the consumer our muse. With the stylist we make beauty dreams come true on the stage of life.

Igniting the expertise with the spark of passion, succeeding – together. It started with passionThe Wella Professionals story began in 1880 with Franz Stroher, a young German hairdresser with an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep love of hairdressing. Franz’s quest for knowledge took him around European centres of fashion, where he was inspired to develop the very first products for the fashion-conscious of the time. This is where the foundations of Wella were laid. For over 125 years, Wella has evolved and flourished, working in close partnership with salons and hairdressers.

Our story continued through the years, despite some seemingly impossible situations.In a post-war climate, having lost all their patents and factories, an undeterred Stroher family harnessed Franz’s innovative spirit and went on to develop a series of industry milestones: revolutionising the perming industry with ‘Wella Junior’ – the world’s first portable permer, major product innovations including Koleston Perfect – the first ever cream color. , New Wave Wet Gel and High Hair at-home products that helped achieve the strong looks that defined the 80s, Inspire – an industry breakthrough in personalised haircolor, to name a few.In fact, throughout our history, we have continuously striven to lead the way in every part of the hairdressing industry, for those closest to our heart – our customers and their clients. What started out as one hairdresser’s passionate dream now touches over 4 million salon professionals – and countless more of their clients across the globe. Taking passion to the next level True leadership means always being ready to take brave steps forward.

We have always striven to exceed expectations, now and in our past. But why stop there? Our vision is to deliver Wella into a new and exciting era – because where we walk, others will follow.That’s why, from now on, you’ll experience a newer, fresher Wella. “The evolution of our brand is a continuation of the inspirational story of Wella Professionals.

It’s about our unwavering determination to advance well beyond expectations. If the success of the last century is anything to go by, the future is very bright” Gabi Schupp, Wella Professionals General Manager Sometimes in our industry a new start for a brand means totally forgetting the past. Not so with Wella Professionals. With a past like ours, this was never going to be the case.

A love affair with hair lasting more than 125 years?What a perfect beginning to a new chapter …

So will the Wella Professionals customers and clients really notice a change? For sure they will. The brand is reaffirming what we have known for a long time. That Wella Professionals has the passion, deep understanding and vision to create outstanding results.

New insights, born from listening closely to our customers and their clients, will enable us to further delight our partners with innovation, inspire with trends and artistic expression and ultimately enable them to have happier clients and grow to the next level, together with us. Passion made visible We wanted to create a saga – an emotional story bringing to life Wella’s unique point of view. True passion takes the craft of the stylist and turns it into more than just beautiful hair. The moment is triumph in hair. It is this moment, the union of stylist and client, master and muse, that has inspired this campaign” Olivier van Doorne, Worldwide Creative Director, SelectNY A moment of hair triumph, between a stylist and a client.

To the stylist, it’s when creativity, skill and a deep understanding of the client come together. To the client, it’s when a beauty dream is realised. A new confidence.A fresh start. The new campaign is all about this achievable, individual beauty that becomes liberated and real in the magical moment we call the Hair Triumph.

Our new advertising campaign is a true testimony to the inspiration coming from our interactions with the stylists and their clients. Many of them spoke to us about the courage it takes for the client to let go, the eagerness of the stylist to make that client’s day, the positive tension that comes between and the final, ultimate moment of beauty triumph that both of them strive for. Feeling the passion with inspiration is the lifeblood of every stylist.When their own passion is sparked, they create their best work – and then bring a new level of creative energy to their own salons.

Wella Professionals Trend Vision delivers that inspiration in volumes – an annual insight into key emerging trends in fashion, color, styling and design, interpreted as a collection of four directional hair trend looks, presented to the industry on a global stage. Passing on the passion Every year, over 1. 5 million stylists and salon owners are involved in one of 85,000 Wella Professionals’ education activities, making ours one of the world’s most comprehensive training programmes.Our fundamental principles remain unchanged: – Raising the benchmark of creativity and technical skills for all hair professionals – Empowering salon owners, through partnership, to grow their business – Inspiring the industry through bold leadership and innovation We touch every part of the hairdressing business. From cutting to marketing, management to color and product innovation to trends.

You can rely on the fact that we’ve got all aspects of education covered, helping our customers and the industry to grow further.