The theme of this studies

The theme of this studies is innovation and change in regulation and competition could easily be mistaken as essentially narrow and technocratic a matter of applying rational economic solutions to public services. And the effectiveness of public service in Barangay Felisa Bacolod City, essentially cases studied of this kind is how Barangay Felisa is valuable for the insights that they will give into public service process and regulatory system, and give attention to does who need work and implementation the policy of public service in which they implicated and which condition their outcomes: poverty and inequality, the state and its relation to civil society and accountable governance efficient economic development. The most effective ways to improve the design, management and delivery of public service. The conceptual issues the recent finding studies of public service in Barangay felisa and concludes the further research should focus on the phenomenon regulation of Barangay felisa public services to be more responsive to the community needs and demands. Public services help people on it’s Barangay to afford priceless services to the people in Barangay felisa.(Common, R. (1998)’The New Public Management Policy Transfer The Role of International Organisation ‘ I Minoque, M., C. Polidano , and D. Hulme (1998).Pg59-75.

As a reform strategy, good governance aims to achieve much more than mere efficient management of economic and financial resources or particular public services it is also abroad reform strategy to strengthen the institutions the barangay felisa offer some public services like making some product using recycle materials they introduce this program on those people living in barangay felisa.
They also give free check-up for those who cannot afford to go to public/private hospital. Those public services has big help in people living in their community the effect of those public service to people and they give free services. (Aucoin, P. (1990):’Administrative reform in public management; Governance.

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