Hardware They are pointing devices and input device

Hardware I have chosen to make a website I will choose all my hardware and software according to making a website. Hardware Hardware is pieces of equipments which let you do things the basic computer for example mouse, keyboard screen and etc. Mouse- the mouse will be used to drag pictures around the website and edit text and images There are many different types of mouse’s we can use and come across the two I have chosen are optical mouse and a ball mouse. A mouse is an input device. They are pointing devices and input device it allows the user to control the movement on the screen. Roller ball Mouse

This a mouse which has a ball underneath it and that is how it works the ball acts as the cursor. It is very similar to an optical mouse however an optical mouse works by a light instead of a ball. Advantages Easy to use.  Very cheap to buy.  Very easy to find in shops. Disadvantages  The ball gets clogged up and can stop working if the lots of dirt get caught in it.  Can very easily break.  Wires can sometimes get tangled. Optical Mouse An optical mouse is mouse which has a light at the bottom of it which acts like the cursor. It is very similar to a roller ball mouse however works by a light in stead of a ball.

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The light detects the movement you are making and makes it appear on the screen as a pointer. Advantages  Dirt won’t get caught in the light space to stop it working so it won’t get stuck.  Easy to use. Easy to find and Buy. Disadvantages  Wire can get in the way.  Can break down easily.  Can be slightly expensive. Tracker ball Mouse This is another pointing device however it has a unique still it a mouse upside down. You use your thumb to rotate the ball you also use as your mouse buttons they can sometimes be put on the side. Advantages  Easy to use.  Comfortable.

* Is useful when lack of space to put your mouse very compact. Disadvantages  Can be very expensive to buy. * It quite hard to learn to how to use it/ get the hang of it.  The balls on occasions can fall out. Keyboards- The keyboards will be used to input information on the website A keyboard is an input device as it lets you input data into a computer, it very similar to what a typewriter does however it put all that you have typed up on the monitor not on paper. There are many buttons so you ar3e able to control a lot from the keyboard sometimes can act like the mouse in some cases.

QWERTY Keyboard A QWERTY Keyboard is the one that people generally use and the most common keyboard people come across if they use a computer. The word QWERTY are the first six letters on a QWERTY keyboard. This is where it gets its name from. Advantages  Common and easy to use. Cheap to buy. Disadvantages  Can break easily.  Very hard to find wireless ones. www. sforh. com DVORAK Keyboard This keyboard were everything is in order with all the most common letters first can sometimes be referred as the simplified keyboard as the name suggests it is very basic.

Today’s DVORAK keyboards consist of many more keys than the old ones due to demands as some people would like to use this style keyboard however it doesn’t have all the keys required; so new DVORAK keyboards are designed which consist of all the buttons required. Advantages  Comfortable and easy to use.  They are very cheap to buy. Disadvantages  They are very hard to find to buy.  They can also break very easily. To many keys www. ergocanada. com Monitors- the monitor will be used so that I can view th website and what I am doing.

This is an output device which is a display tool as it allows you to view what you have done. It displays all the images produced by the computer however it doesn’t create a lasting record. LCD Monitor LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display this is Monitor which is made by neutral pixels arranged in front of a light supply. It is very highly regarded due to the small amount of electricity it uses. Advantages  Very clear and easy to see.  Easy to use.  Very sturdy not easily broken  Inexpensive. Disadvantages Not always very good quality when you zoom in.

If screen damaged the liquid crystals will not work very well. www. lcd-monitor-reviews. com TFT-LCD This stands for Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Display. This is monitor which has liquid chrsytal filled between two glass plates. The amount of light needed depends on what is being projected. Advantages  Very slim.  Doesn’t take up a lot of space. Disadvantages  Can be stolen very easily due to its small compact size.  Can be broken or knocked over very easily  expensive www. continent. com. au Printers- T he printers will be used to print of importantn information and all the documentation for the website.