The world has fully been dependent on machines.

The world has fully been dependent on machines. Now-a-day people
cannot think of doing anything without machines. Even if someone does anything
by their own, others encourage them to use machines. Machines are becoming a
part of our daily life, where people are fully in it. It is like a technology
society and life which came from the humankind, with the invention of  some simple tools and turned into modern
technologies. Such as simple machines we use in our daily life and smart
phones. In our daily life we really need machines. Another machine which is
playing a big role in our life is smart phones. By using smart phones we can do
whatever we want to do just by laying down on our bed. There are many other
technologies which are making our life easier. According to Milton Kazmeyer, “Cell
phones have become almost ubiquitous in daily life. A Pew Internet studies in
2011 showed that 85 percent of adult Americans own a cell phone, and by
2012, nearly half of those were smart phones”. This communication device
affected our daily life in many ways.

        In this world
there are many people that can survive without cell phones. Still there are
people that do not know that there is a thing called cell phones. According to
Tom Grotewohl, life is better without cell phones. Adding to that he said “Cell
phones has become such a crucial part of our daily lives that most folks rely
on them more than the majority of organs in their bodies” (Tom,Grotewohl). Once
they start to use cell phones they are being addicted to it that they don’t
trust their ability anymore, like they don’t even think to try something by
themselves. They blindly trust their cell phones as in smart phones we can use
internet were a person can search for anything or ask for help and the browser
will give the solution. For that reason, the author tried to say that life
without cellphones is way better than life with cell phones.

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      In this modern
world, without cell phones we cannot think of doing anything. Many authors
debated that smart phones do something to make our life easier. Using smart
phones can make people smart because there are some functions from where we can
learn new things and also it can help us in many ways. Smart phones are way
better than other technologies because it’s small and easy to carry and also we
can use 3G, 4G and Wifi but in other technology such as computer and     tablet we can only use wifi which can
bring us some difficulties because not all the places we visit provide wifi

The communication system was introduced in 1994, but Japanese
was the first to release smart phones in 1999. But the first touch screen phone
named Ericsson R380 was released on 2000, and was the first device marketed as a
“smart phone”. A smart phone is a mobile phone with some   advance mobile operating systems which
combines features of a personal computer operating system with other operating
system that is useful for mobile. There are plenty of gadgets created by
inventors and smart phone is one of them. In modern days, life without smart
phones cannot be imagined. Smart phones have become a part of our life. This
device is remarked as an important        
communication tool and has become an integral part of this modern world.
The new generation is fully addicted to this new technology. They became fully
depended on smart phones.

    Smart phones are a
part of our life. It helps us to solve problems. Smart phones are with us for
24 hours. Whenever we need help smart phones is there for us. A smart phone has
some positive sides for which the number of using smart phones is increasing
day by day around the world. Mostly smart phones have become popular among
adolescents life because they are interest in this high-tech device. Smart
phones are the most widely used electronic device around the world. Smart
phones have some features which can easily divert the mind of all ages towards
this electronic device. “Everyday phone uses may now include video
communications, surfing the Internet, and sending instant messages or emails.
Digital images can be created and stored on mobile phones and sent to friends
and family. It is also being used as music or audio players” ( Manabe and
Lydens, pp-27).  Therefore, smart phones
provide us with so many facilities which can’t get in other devices. We can
also listen music in speaker without connecting it with some wire. We only need
to do is turning on the Bluetooth option and connect it with the wireless
speaker. According to Makoto and Lois, smart phones can also deliver lectures
on live broadcast which can connect galleries, schools and internet sites with
just a phone call. It also can collaborate with cultural and education
facilitates. As a result, smart phones help us in many ways.

    In my opinion, I agree
with the first author because smart phones are very helpful. We just need to
make a good use of it. Mostly students use this device for their studying
because it can give them ideas, knowledge about their studies. For example,
students can look for any kind of information related to their studies on
internet and get some knowledge about it. According to Norazah, “information is
easy access with the smart phones and it constant connectivity to the
internet”. Besides students can save their time to find sources by using
internet with their smart phones. It can also help them to do their assignment,
research projects, thesis and tutorials. In smart phones we can also take notes
when we don’t have pen or paper with us. Smart phones help us is many
departments. Such as, in education, business, hospital, to open a bank account,
to pay bills and any things. it saves Smart phones are
students close friends. Smart phone is a very helpful device for us to survive
in this modern world. The world is changing everyday. To survive is this modern
era smart phones is the only solution. As long as we are making a good use of
smart phones, we can think of it as a blessing.

      Beside some positive
side there are also some negative effects of using smart phones. Such as, once
someone is fully in with a smart phone they are being distracted from their
daily life, which affects their mental health as well as their daily life.
Using smart phone is good but spending to much time is actually harmful for us
as it affects our mental health.

   In the past life
without stars phones was better. People used work hard. They used to make good
use of their brains. People used to talk whenever they meet. But after the
invention of smart phones people becomes more busier giving time to their smart
phones. It affects more if smart phones is more present in some events such as,
in the park, party, meeting and family get together which makes human
communication limited. Smart phone user becomes to addicted to their phones if
they are too depended on it. Using smart phone all the time may affect our
studies, make students distracted and can harm our eyes too. “Over usage of the
mobile phone leads to physiological health hazards like headaches, earache,
warmth sensation, fatigue and musculoskeletal symptoms. Over usage of the
mobile phone leads to physiological health hazards like headaches, earache,
warmth sensation, fatigue and musculoskeletal symptoms” ( Vandana and Divya).
According to Jean the arrival of the smart phone has totally changed the
lives of teenagers from the nature of their social interactions to their mental
health. Using smart phone is okay but too much on it is harmful. Its takes
away from our daily life. Smart phone addiction can also indicate other
problems which may cause attention. Besides smart phones are making us dumb as
we rely on it according to some authors. But in my opinion if we make a good
use of this electronic device we can neglect the side effects of smart phones
as smart phones helps us to fix big problems.

    Mobile phone is necessary to cope in the
modern world. Though it has some negative impacts on us, we cannot ignore that
it helps us in many ways which can even cover up all the negativity as long as
we use smart phones smartly. Smart phones help us to save time. We should use
smart phones for our true purpose not for other unnecessary thing which can
distract us from our daily life. Therefore, life is better with smart phones. It
is a part of our daily life.