The would be doing in this career

The career i am most interested in is becoming a police officer.What i would be doing in this career is enforcing the law.The education requirements for this career would be high school,2 years of technical training,4 years of college or university.

Because i like to enforce the law.And i like  to figure out mysteries.John Jay College of Criminal Justice,George Washington University,St.

Mary’s University of Minnesota,Florida State University,Top Police Science Programs.The best place to live if your a police officer would be in a city and stuff apartment i guess.And arresting people and figuring out murders.And tracking down serial killers and arresting people,going undercover.

Exposing gang? or gang members.A police station or precinct.The average retirement age would be 55 or 28 years of service. The average salary would be 32k to 100k.Well u have to have 4 years of college and 2 years if technical training and i think a couple of other things like oh yeah u have to go to a police academy.These colleges are best for becoming a police officer Kaplan University.

…University of Pennsylvania.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice. …Temple University. …

University of California, Irvine. …George Washington University. .

..Arizona State University. .

..Northeastern University.

Topping off the list, is Northeastern University.   Because these college? are like police academies.A place to live while being  a police officer would be  the Bureau of Labor Statistics.The three companies that i could work for as a police officer are Prisoner transportation,security officer,patrol officer.The average retirement age would be for as a police officer 55 or 28 years a police officer.The average salary for being a police officer would be about 32k to about 100k i guess.But yeah mostly in this career would be like mostly solving crimes,going undercover,stopping gangs,shoot outs,arresting people.So there is alot of reason? i chose this career i like the way police officers work and what police officers do cause what they do is awesome arresting people.Shoot outs and stuff undercover.Another reason i am so interested in this career is because being a police officer means like everything like you can arrest people for jaywalking,sexual harassment,robbing someone,stalking people,threatening people,gang violence,relationship violence everything that is either against the rules or something wrong.The education requirements are like 2 years of technical training and 4 years at a college or university.I am guessing the college i would go to like a police academy or law school or like a college that teaches you  about law enforcement.One of the companies you could work at as a law enforcer is being a security officer at a mall or a golf club, a store,tech company,or like a security officer at a school.Or a patrol officer patrolling the streets day and night.Or you could be a special agent which means you go undercover.Or you could be a prisoner transportation officer  which means you transport prisoners to other prisons.I think the best place to live while being a police officer would be like a apartment a cabin the woods or like a trailer house out in the middle of nowhere.The average salary for being a police officer is $61,270  or $48,320.City officials have said that in Carlsbad the average firefighter or police officer typically retires at age 55 and has 28 years of service.Most police officers live in a apartment or city or they have a house or they don’t live in a city at all.