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“The Road Not Taken’ is a meaningful poem written by Robert Frost. The poem is written in the view of Robert himself, “I kept the first for another day.” Robert refers to himself as “I,” telling the reader that the poem is in first person. When first reading, the poem seems to describe a simple fork in the road, however, the poem has a much more complex meaning. The poem tells about a man who is torn between what path to take in his life, everyone feels this way at some point in their life. Robert has some trouble deciding which way to go, he can take the path that “bent into the undergrowth,” or the path which was “grassy and had wear, though for that as passing there.” ┬áThe poem explains two roads, one with problems, and the other with some wear. Robert thinks for awhile, and decides to take the “good” road. He thinks to himself if he would chose the other path, but his decision does not bother him. The poem is intended to explain the choices we all make in our lives, the paths are a metaphor for good and bad, showing the difficulties we all face at some point in our lives. The poem sends the message that we won’t regret taking the road that will make us better, even if nobody else is taking the same path “I took the one less traveled by, and all has made the difference.” The poet explains his concern for which path to take, the issue opposed is that a lot of people take the wrong road even if the right way is better.Robert Frost speaks in a kind mannered tone, he seems very humble about the path he has chosen . I feel that he secretly wants to go down the other path but his conscience tells him it’s not the way to go “I kept the first for another day,” “I doubted if i’d ever go back.” The mood of the poem is very heavy, although it has a ton of detail, I still feel empty after reading. The mood begins on a happier note, but as you read your way through the poem, it becomes more sad and lonesome. The poem has a particular sort of flow, it appears to not rhyme, however, it does. The poem is written in the four stanzas, each with the same amount of lines. The poem The poem