Theatre Report Essay

Sleeping Beauty and the Trini Prince was written and directed by Crazy Catholic and features an ensemble cast that includes the Crazy Contagious Crew, the Comedy Circus, members of Eclectic Dance Crew, Dese Simon, Sensational Shelly, Cheldon Midget, Prince Priceless, Shelci Marie, Nola Leacock, Clyne Rodriguez and Nicole Wong Chong and others.This theatre production was spectacular; not only was it appropriate for all ages it also brought humor and evoked feelings into the audience which made it very outstanding. What stood out to me is how they brought the humor into the play the various techniques they used weather it was through dance, song or their actions. There are various elements to the play that added to it being great such as the music, the language, the lighting, the characters performance, the simplicity of the set and the costuming.

However like any other play this play had it faults, some of the faults in this play were the sound effects which were poorly done, certain characters did not give off a good stage performance, and also the title being Sleeping Beauty and the Trini Prince it didn’t stick to the title the play focused on the other characters rather that who is stated in the title of the play. The production took place in a small Proscenium theater, which was suitable for the production.The play took place outside the castle, the set provided brought the play to life as there was a castle shape set serving as the backdrop of the stage, also there were plants around the stage and off the stage to give the illusion of a forest the set for the play was simple yet effective. The characters made good use of the stage and the props provided for them. Their actions and movement brought the set and character to life.

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Every character had it purpose and role to fulfill in the play, some characters were outstanding they communicated well with the audience whereas some were dull and didn’t portray their character as well as others. Some of the characters in the play were Scorcher (the evil fairy), Astric, Melody, Seashell, Linda (the good fairies), Mr. Fete, the Jester, the King and Queen, Princess Gabriella and the African, Persian and Caribbean Princes.

The most outstanding performers in the play was both Astric and the Jester, these two characters brought a lot of humor to the play, making it fun and enjoyable for the audience, their presence alone lit up the stage. Linda and Princess Gabriella were weak in their performances; they both lacked energy and came across as being boring, when is time for them to speak they didn’t carry themselves in a confident manner which made their character seem dull.Lighting is another element used in the play, there were various colors and textures used for lighting, some colors are pink, green, blue, yellow, red, they either had a soft or harsh texture depending on what is taking part in the play.

Also the lighting has to agree with the costumes or the costumes will either turn out to look dull, to dark or to light, also there is the flashing lights when Scorcher enters when creates a dramatic effect to portray her evilness.The only fault with the lighting was when the characters were walking down the stairs from in the audience onto the stage there was no spot or light for you to see them Sound plays an important role in every play, in this production sound effects came across as flat; the effects were not heard as effective as I’ll like it to there was no surround sound and this is due to the use of 2 small speakers that were situated on the wall by the stage, other than that voices came across quite good. Some sound effects heard were the waving of the wand to give the gift to the baby and the breaking of ornaments.The sounds effects help bring life to the actions mentioned above. Costume and makeup, the costumes were simple but yet effective, nothing was overdone however the simplicity of the costumes really stood out, as it was easy to identify who is who and the character they are portraying.

The costumes the characters wore were appropriate for the various roles in the play, some costumes that stood out for me were the Jester, who wore green baggy pants, clown color shirt with a green tie and a green hat his face had white powder with blue eyeshadow around his eye iving off a clown effect to his character, this costume was genius as his role is to make the audience laugh. Other costumes that stood out was that of the fairies and the princess Gabriella, the fairies costume was a simple dress with wings on their backs and a wand simple but yet effective, Princess Gabriella dress was pink and white when celebrating her 16th birthday which was appropriate for her age and also as her stand in the kingdom as a young princess.The second half of the production there were a couple of changes in costuming; both the Jester and Mr. Fete changed as there was a change in location of the scene, which was in Trinidad. The use of creole language and various genres of music really enhanced the production. The use of Caribbean slangs and language such as, juk, ded, she say, “wetting after wetting”, “we go hunt dem down”, “buss a fart”, “family”, “yuh wa sum sorrel ah wa” brought humor and also it was easy to understand as we know our way of speaking well.

There was a mix with various music genres music also it was age appropriate the music catered for the young old and middle aged persons and persons of all races. Songs performed were, O happy day, Somebody like you, I wanna dance with somebody, We found love, Mr. fete, Set fire to the rain, Trinidad is my land, There can be miracles, If I die young, Affairs of the heart, Been in love before and Lotala jus to name a few, selection of songs were chosen well as it is well known to people.The theatre production was titled Sleeping Beauty and The Trini Prince, you’ll expect the play to be about Gabriella and the Trini prince, however it wasn’t, the play mainly focused the fairies Astric and Melody and their love for each other which I found very farfetched from the title and after a while got annoying.

They should have stuck to the title of the production or change the title to suit want they want in the play. Overall Crazy Catholic did well with this production it ran very smoothly the pace and rhythm of the production was right and well on point.He also made excellent use of the theatre by creating various entrances and exits for the characters he created a set off the stage in which the audience can feel they are part of the play, as they had characters walking through the theatre and interacting with the audience. Even though it lacked certain things the theatre production was excellent, it had a lot of elements that made it dramatic and humorous. The set, props, lighting, sound, costumes, acting and language all made the play as outstanding as it really was enjoyable, and the audience seemed to have enjoyed it.