Thematic – Change Essay

The Industrial Revolution, and the Neolithic Revolution are two of the few Nonpolitical Revolutions which have had a major impact of people’s lifestyle and society itself through economic and social changes.! The Neolithic Revolution took place in 10. 000-6,000 B. C. , it was the very first agricultural revolution which shifted from hunting and gathering to agriculture and settlement. It was known to be one of the greatest breakthroughs in history due to the drastic change in the lifestyles of humans. The Neolithic Revolution impacted ancient civilizations in ways that have changed peoples lives forever.

From starting as nomads, which moved from place to place in search of food, into being well educated humans with many tools used to meet their survival needs. It was quite impressive how open minded and determined nomads have been to make such drastic changes in the environment people live in or to have even had faith in a completely different life. Consequently, irrigation systems have been built, and the food surpluses provided the ability to branch off into different aspects of skills, and ghettos.

As soon as irrigation systems opened up, many people started working, therefore communicating with people and forming social classes.! Industrialization is defined to be the development of industries for the machine production of goods. People have over the years been forced to labor into their ! Lands and jobs using what little they had to create surplus products and items for consumers. However, because of industrialization, people have changed the way they ! Worked for future generations.