Then And Now Essay

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz novel comes to view in the last row. Finally, the last image is a Kindle. Things have substantially improved because of technology evolving from the past till the present. They have also advanced by inventing new ways to entertain the pub lick. Entertainment changed through the evolution Of technology, as mentioned earlier.

In the pas t, there used to be silent films and theaters. Nowadays, it’s possible to entertain yourself through movie theaters tit sound, concerts, etc,.Modern music is diverse, ranging from hippo to d busted. Music shows can be viewed on the Internet, instead of attending a theater in the pas t. Viewing books on a Kindle replaces reading from the actual book; though not entirely.

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The enter ATA moment sector has been revamped tremendously because of technology. No, I don’t think anything Eng was better in the past because entertainment was not convenient and there were limited ammo nth of it, unlike today.