There vast range of finishes and varieties.

There are many materials that we can use to create a garden path, but the forest provides us with a great natural decoration. We have collected some ideas here so that you can use wood as a material to design your garden path. Now is the best time, the cold away and want a lot to be in the garden putting it to point and giving the final touches to look spectacular.Wood is a very versatile material that can serve us well to create paths and paths in our garden. And as you will see in the various ideas collected we can use wood with a vast range of finishes and varieties. We can choose between using new or recovered woods and among different types of cuts that allow us to appreciate the possibilities of wood better.Without forgetting the combinations with other materials, especially natural ones, which are very good together with the wood. The stone, the gravel as in this case, iron and cement are some of them.When we talk about garden paths we refer both to provisional and final projects, to solutions that only cover a small section or that go from the entrance of the house to the one of the garden.Here we see an elegant solution with exotic wood and white gravel that is completed with small hedges cut in the shape of a sphere like topiary and road lights.One of the most impressive cuts of wood to create garden paths is the one that is made sliced on the trunk without roughing. It allows us to use them as if they were tiles or pavers and had a very successful aesthetic.With wooden roads, it is essential to do an excellent pre-work to create a firm base and get a reasonable level. We will reduce the ground by a few centimeters, and we will scatter gravel forming a layer of several centimeters.Sometimes we may be interested in a more rural and more natural aspect although this does not prevent the woods are firmly fixed to the ground and as level as possible.The trunk slices must have a rough cut, not too thin, so they are safe and do not slip. Especially when they are in humid environments and with the possibility of being covered with moss.The combination of wood and gravel can be done in various ways, but it is still one of the most straightforward and most practical.More or less decorative, more or less elegant but wood is always fantastic with stone.The recovered wood of grayish aspect for a garden in which the green predominates.New wood, light colored, for a Mediterranean garden of modern design.The cracked planks of recycled would have a very particular aesthetic that combines well with gravel and succulents.Sturdy wood, in thick planks that combines perfectly with the large boulders of this garden.The pallet planks are a great material to create a garden path with wood. We can achieve a casual and informal aspect.This garden path is transformed at this point into a small bridge, emphasizing its simplicity and the originality of its layout and execution.About us:If you have a large enough garden, you can play with different levels in the field. Create small terraces with groups of flowers of the same color. Make hills and also place large rocks.