There an unbelievable moment for many Americans,

There have been 44 U.S presidents all of whom but one was a white male. That this elitist fraternity of some of the most powerful individuals ever to live has been as white as the coldest Yukon winter is evident by whitelash that the Trump administration represented. The inauguration of Barrack Obama was an unbelievable moment for many Americans, especially black and brown. That a man from the class of citizens that were once considered nothing more than property ascended to the highest office set a precedent. But, if one thing is clear it is that work still needs to be done. Among Congress, the Supreme Court and inside the Oval Office ethnic diversity needs is poor. Overall ethnic minorities account for slightly over 15% of congressional members. Non- white Americans compromise almost 45% of all Americans. This representation is disproportionately small by over 50%. Congress is tasked with drafting legislation so that it benefits the entirety of its populace. But how can a Congress who is racially homogenous effectively govern a diverse population only increasing in diversity by the day?Police officers, FBI agents, and other domestic security officials are given permission to enforce the laws and legislation congress has passed. As such these men and women are extremely influential. They decide what laws to enforce, how punishments will be doled out, and most importantly how lenient to be when considering their options. The structural racism that exists in America has at times been best embodied by its policing. Although the department did not create the systemic racism, they have verified its consequences time and time again by their violent infringements on the rights of minority citizens. As a result many African Americans and hispanic Americans do not trust the police that serve their neighborhoods communities have tense relations. A feasible fix to the problem is proportionate representation of the members of the community in the police department. Michael Brown, a black teen, was killed in Ferguson by police officers the department was charged to protect. In the aftermath the demographics of the department have come under scrutiny. The city of Ferguson is almost 70% black. The department that serves the town is over 90% white. This stark contrast may explain why about 86% of arrests in the city were of a black person. Increasing diversity within the department would quickly lessen hostility.Another sector that needs to see drastic improvement in racial equality is the Supreme Court, circuit courts, and other judicial bodies. In the entire history of the American government all supreme court justices have been white with the exception of three. There have been only two black justices and one hispanic justice. The circuit courts, which are equally important for most regular citizens because the majority of cases do not make it to Supreme Court, are also disproportionately white. There are a variety of reasons for the low representation of racial minorities in the legal sector of the government. One being that the amount of education required to complete three years of law school is expensive, therefore exclusive.The profession of attorney has also historically been regarded as an upper class profession, the destiny of white elites. This perception needs to be eradicated if the courts have a chance of being represented fairly. Judicial figures in government from Jag representatives in the military, to circuit judges have an enormous amount of power. From deciding if an individual is fit to remain in society to determining how to interpret vague legislation, their influence is unparalleled. Judges coming from diverse racial backgrounds would more fairly be able to understand the plight of minorities and empathize with them.Because teachers are paid through tax dollars, must follow a government curated curriculum, and have such public roles they are essentially low tier government officials. However, all children attend school and for many, teachers are some of the most inspirational figures and leave the most lasting impressions. It is for this very reason that diversity among teachers is crucial. Not only do many studies show that employing a diverse background of teachers boosts minority students performance and self-confidence, there are simply certain experiences and lessons that non-white teachers can not teach to students. The days of white washing curriculum and attacking minority culture are coming to an end. As this realization takes hold we must adjust on the most fundamental level. In diverse neighborhoods the teachers employed should reflect their status. Having an array of white teachers in diverse neighborhoods, made up of black and hispanic residents, shows that the schools are simply out of touch. It is also deeply condescending, implying that black and hispanic teachers for whatever reason are not qualified to teach minority students.  After eight years of inclusion and diversity complemented by progressive thinking the Trump administration is by contrast regressive and close-minded. The Obama administration cabinet was 45% minority. Only 17% of Trump’s cabinet were minorities. Cabinet members are in charge of sectors of everyday life than include defense, health, commerce, and energy. Having an overwhelmingly white cabinet puts the Trump administration at risk of being unable to properly assess the needs of minority citizens in relations to these matters. It also runs the risk of simplification and missing the nuances that race and ethnicity bring to America. More insidious and worrying the cabinet makeup can be seen as an intentional effort to pushback against the racial progression that was present in the Obama administration. The picks include names like Jefferson Sessions, Scott Pruitt, Rex Tillerson, and the Vice President Mike Pence. These members represent an extremism in line with only the whitest portions of America. Mike Pence is known for his brand of religious fundamentalism which draws in conservative white voters and Jefferson Sessions has a reputation of opposing civil rights. That a man who has made his career denying legal protection was appointed to a position where his primary job is the defense of those same rights is intentional regression. Even Ben Carson, one of the only minority members in the cabinet, is no longer popular among black voters. His denunciation of the residents of Detroit, who are mainly black, has not been forgotten. Racial representation in cabinet positions is crucial if effective policy is to be made.  The sectors of government listed are by no means the extent to which racial representation should be apply. All areas and levels of government are influential and have the ability to conjure and delineate policy. Furthermore as woke well-intentioned citizens we must attempt to reverse generational inequality and set a precedent for the future. The reason that so many black Americans were supportive of Obama’s policies even when they did not benefit black people was to set a precedent of success to younger non-white Americans. Seeing a racially diverse government would imply to young black and brown children that they too have the potential to affect the lives of their fellow citizens.