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There are several software development companies comes up with the learning management platform in today’s market. So, it is very important to select the right platform for your organizational needs.

Now the question arises, how you understand which one is the best for your organization and the features you should consider before signing up with any learning management software (LMS). Ok, let us help you, we discuss here the key features you should check once you set up your mind to implement the learning management software (LMS) for your organization. Diverse Content OptionsEvery student learning ways are not same. Typically, there are 3/4 recognized leaning ways students learn their lesson including visual, auditory, written and kinesthetic (Those who learn by executing an action or task). A right LMS can create course each of the above learning types. Videos, Audio files, written documents and recorded webinars are some of the flexible options usually LMS offers. But the best LMS also offers live webinars, podcasts, and newsfeeds including micro and blended learning options.

Moreover, students can tailor the course by using the materials goes best with their learning style that makes the courses more effective and helping retain information to improve their personal and professional lives. Course Creation ToolsLearning management software is a complete eLearning solution to create, distribute, edit and manage courses from start to finish for any types of content you want.  The user interface of the course creation tools should be easy to use. So, a less tech expert can learn quickly and can start creating individual learning materials and combined them into a complete course.

You might not use the tools always if you are already using 3rd party content creation system or educational materials but make sure the LMS support and allow to upload pre-developed eCourse materials. A best Learning Management Software also supports inline browser views of uploaded PDF, audio, videos, presentation and word files to gives an immersive lecture experience. Live Lectures optionThe entire would be your classroom.

Race, ethnicity, and language never be a problem for your education if your Learning Management Software (LMS) integrated with Google Hangout, YouTube Live, Skype and Skype translate for business integration. Social PlatformThe best LMS should have a social platform to enhance the interaction between teacher to student and student to student. Students can form a study group to participate in active conversations, problem-solving group discussions or debates.     Online Quizzes and TestsA well-designed exam is the best way to judge how much information students can remember. The best LMS have options to create online quizzes and tests that allows different question types like multiple choice, open-ended or fill in the blanks.

 Keeping the features in mind when you are searching the best Learning Management Software will help you to avoid costly trial and error. Little bit research, comparing the features, evaluation and internal auditing may bring you the opportunity to choose the best Learning Management Software that gives you the best return on your investment.