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One of the most important potential problems would be the misinterpretation of the four stereotypes, which would be disastrous to my study as this is the way of collecting the data. This problem should not be a great one as the stereotypes are explained in detail on the research sheets, and my researchers should not get confused. The researchers might not hand in the research sheets, resulting in a lack of data. This would initially affect the study, as the data would not be able to be sufficiently analysed, and the results will not be as valid.

Starting from the beginning the research sheets will have to be user friendly and brief but at the same time affective. If at the end of the study they have not met any of these criteria, the study will be in jeopardy. That is why I will try to get it right; by making sure, the researchers understand the stereotypes and what they have to do. I attempt this by briefing the researchers before handing out the research sheets; the brief is also written on the research sheets to ensure they do not forget what they have to do.

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Although sometimes criticised for involving subjective judgments, which create data that, are not valid, content analysis seems to be the best way of conducting my research, as the study is on the represetation of the physically challenged in films. Another problem could be that of the coding scheme, as they are open to personal interpretation and the researchers judgments and values could get in the way of the study.