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There are many things to worry about and avoid when you’re expecting your first child. First-time expectant mothers should know what to do during pregnancy, some of the things she should know about include; diet, exercise, and what type of drugs to avoid, and prenatal appointments. There are a number of possibilities that can happen during pregnancy, in fact, there is a 20-25 percent chance of having a miscarriage during the first trimester. Reducing the chance of a miscarriage is possible by taking extra precautions and doing what’s best for the unborn baby.
When you’re pregnant, you should restrict your diet, try eating healthy foods as much as possible. Another thing is to increase the amount of food you eat by at least 15 percent since your baby is growing. Protein, minerals, and vitamins are vital to the unborn baby, they help develop the baby’s organs and body parts. Fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, yogurt, and whole grain foods are some foods I recommend that you eat. If you don’t increase the number of nutrients when you’re pregnant, there’s a possibility that your baby will be born with problems. Some of these problems include poor memory, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and learning disorders. 
As a pregnant woman, you should exercise at least four times a week. Exercising is healthy, being sedentary is not healthy. Exercising helps reduce stress while pregnant, possibly prevent gestational diabetes, build stamina for labor, and relieve backaches. Some exercises that I recommend would be using an elliptical, an air walker, walking on a treadmill and going swimming. Additionally, these are low impact workouts that are safe for pregnant women.
There are a number of drugs to avoid while pregnant. If you smoke cigarettes, that is something to consider quitting is smoking as soon as possible. Smoke restricts the oxygen levels to decrease while pregnant. It is not healthy to smoke while pregnant, it can also increase the chance of the baby having fertility issues. Another thing is to avoid and completely stop drinking alcohol. The unborn baby will have issues and cause problems to the unborn baby. It will increase the change of having a miscarriage and the baby will be born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. As serious health condition where babies are born with health defects, including behavioral problems, attention disorders, slow learning, and abnormal body parts. Stay away from hardcore drugs as babies are born addicted to them. Few of the hardcore drugs to stay away from include meth, heroin, crack, and cocaine. 
Another thing that is important during pregnancy is going to prenatal appoints at your local hospital. At the prenatal appointments, your doctor will do some tests and check up on how your pregnancy is progressing. They will do hereditary tests to see what kind of genetic disorders your baby will most likely inherit from you or the father of your child, glucose testing, and test what kind of diseases or health issues that you have. They also do ultrasounds that can take pictures of your baby and this is how they check up on it every once in a while. Your gynecologist also gives you advice for your pregnancy. All in all, prenatal appointments are the key to giving birth to a healthy baby. 
All in all, there are many things to take precaution when you are expecting your first child or having another child. It is important that you avoid drugs, alcohol, smoking, and other activities that might harm your unborn child. First pregnancies are an experience to remember because this is your first child after all. Make sure you eat healthy food and avoid eating unhealthy foods like fast food because they are not good for you, they have unhealthy fats and lack nutrients needed for growth.