There being a criminal, where they supply the

There is quite a lot of crimes that are committed by the youth in the US. It can be as little as stealing from the local market to rape and robberies.

The teenagers typically get into criminality at a young age, where they join their friends in a gang. It starts with small crimes, and this develops as the teen grows up. He/she gets more used to being a criminal, so it comes natural to be involved in crimes for them.

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A lot of people would call these teens bad people, but you never know what made them get into the criminal life. They could have had an abusive dad, an alcoholic mum, he could have been bullied in his earlier life, and that is maybe why he choose to do something ‘bad’ in order to release his pain.

Society can push a person to do certain things, especially if the teen is pressured by his friends to do things that maybe is over his limit. The fact that crime has been glorified throughout the years with famous rappers and known rap songs that brings the crime message on to the public. These teens can idolize these rappers, and maybe try to live up to their lives.


There are different ways of helping these teens to avoid becoming involved in crime. Clubs that are dedicated to teens, so they can hang out there after school, instead of being out and being a criminal. Exit programs are a hit in Denmark, where professionals try to help teens get out of being a criminal, where they supply the teen help with getting a job, an education or just helping them get new friends that will not help them getting more criminal.

A lot of people would want these teens to get punished strictly, and being put in jail. There are different consequences to putting young people in jail for a long period of time. Instead of them coming out of jail and trying to be a better person, they are stuck in a cell where they can get more connections and furthermore make them more criminal. They need to get help instead of being put in a box.