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There are many major moments to define how great Canada is.  They lead up to what Canada is today.  Without these moments, we probably wouldn’t be recognized as a country, or be such a mixed country.  Our economy went up with more land sold to settlers.  This lifted Canada out of the small depression in the 1870s and1880s.  The land was relatively cheap too, as the land was only $10, or $150 in today’s economy1.

   In World War I, Canada was first recognized as a nation at the battle of Vimy Ridge, where Canada came out from under the shadow of Great Britain.  To accomplish this, they would need to take many precautions, like eight crucial tactics that changed warfare in World War I2.  Canada also proved them once more in World War II in the battle of Juno Beach, where they successfully broke Hitler’s Atlantic wall with the allies.

  This was the largest sea attack in History.  Most of the men who also went on to storm the beach had no combat experience at all3.  These main events and much more are the reasons why Canada is such a great country.             Firstly, one of the greatest moments achieved moments by Canada is the battle of Vimy Ridge.  They were ordered to attack it in April 1917.

  Ths heavily-defended base was seven kilometers and held an imposing view of allied forces.  The Frech had attacked this base 3 times and failed all times.  These failed attempts had over 100 000 casualties.  The Canadians came up with eight war innovations, with Sir Arthur Currie in charge of the attack,  the Canadians had maps of the battlefield, and were given watches to coordinate attacks.  To prepare the soldiers took another seven-kilometer ridge and practiced on there.

  On the real battlefield, other soldiers dug tunnels under enemy lines and fired loads of artillery shells onto the German forces.  After the soldiers had practiced, they went on to attack the ridge.  The barrage of shells doubled on April 2nd, 1917.

  On April 9th at 5:30 am, the attack on Vimy Ridge started.  During the attack, the soldiers had to move at 100 yards per 3 minute, or else they would die.  As one of the commanders stated, “Chaps, you shall go over exactly like a railroad train, on time, or you shall be annihilated.

”  Most of the objectives were captured by noon,  the others were captured on April 12th, 1917.  This shaped the Canadian identity and Canada came out of Britain’s shadow.  Many people had new pride for Canada, as did one person who said, “in those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a nation.

”  They did, as Canada go to sign the Treaty of Versailles as well.  Canada had proven that it can be powerful on its own.4 1 “THE LAST BEST WEST,” Romanian Pioneer Museum, accessed January 09, 2018, Tim Cook, “The Battle Of Vimy Ridge,” Canadian War Museum, accessed January 11, 2018, Richard Foot, “Battle of Normandy,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, July 2, 2006, accessed January 09, 2018, Tim Cook, “The Battle Of Vimy Ridge,” Canadian War Museum, accessed January 11, 2018,