There they made via understanding the problem, by

There are many deferent cases of
mistakes in the world, and it is not the same
case for everyone because the mistake is
a special thing that unique per person, someone fails
on this, but another one fails in another thing. On the other hand, we can
learn from the mistakes that we made, and it is good to know the different case
of mistakes because you can solve the problem faster in the future. It is too similar
to mistakes that every student make in class because mistakes in class
is a normal thing that no one can avoid it. sometimes students worry too much about the
mistake that we made because the mistake is a problem in their mindset, and we want
to avoid it as soon as possible because it makes some student fear and wants some ways to do it
better and better again. However, there are many good advantages and good for the
future problem that we will have soon when we did some mistakes because no one
can avoid mistake or failure if they still alive. Making mistakes in university
classes help you to improve your self to be more successful.

You can improve your skill or life to get better future and
stronger by using cases of mistake that you made. First, people should not avoid the mistake but admit, analyze,
and learn from it. According to Berkun S (2005), he believes that each people should study from
their errors that appear if they can accept it. when they are able to do that,
they will have a huge chance to analyze a lot of lessons from the mistake that
they made via understanding the problem, by the way, wise humans always
recognize their mistakes fastly because of they know the benefit after they do
(Berkun S, 2005). As he said, it is not genius if you got a mistake or problem and
ignore it with some excuse because you won’t get anything from it, just pass it because
of you afraid to accept your problem. However, you will get some good
result after you accept and think in-depth about your problem in every case. Another
is we will free our self and feel better than avoid the errors that we made. We
can avoid the mistakes if we want to do, but the commonsense of human still
worry about it not too much but still worry. We can be better if we accept it
and remove it from the brain. Maria Hill (2016), a webmaster of HSP Health and
HSP Health Blog, physical therapist confirms that many histories of mistakes and failure is a common thing that we all have,
and if we can admit the mistakes reality, we will free to be more creative and
find some information about it in-depth. 

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