There a Southeastern Nigerian tribe. This area

There is diversity throughout all of Africa. Africa is diverse in many different aspects, one example is religion. Another is language. Not only is Africa diverse in its culture, but its physical geography is also very different through the whole continent. Africa is diverse in religion. In the Sahara, the Tuareg tribe is mainly Muslim but many people still practice native religions. The Tuareg predict the future with things like mirrors, lizards and drawing in the sand. Tuareg people believe in spirits named “Djinns” and “Kel essuf”. These spirits are thought to be occupying the sahara desert. UMvelinqangi or uNkulunkulu is a deity that is part of the Zulu religion originating from Southern Africa. The idea of a god higher than all is said to have originated from the European missionaries that brought Christianity into African culture. In Zulu peoples perspective, becoming old is thought to be a good thing instead of bad. The Maasai from Kenya and Tanzania praise a god named Enkai. Enkai has two personalities and each personality has a color. The black god helps the Maasai by creating rain and thunder which refreshes the plants. The red god creates lightning, which starts fires and can kill people if struck. Africa is also diverse in language. In Southern Africa the San speak a ¨click language¨. Click languages are very complicated and difficult to learn. These languages need a certain type  of punctuation to show the clicking noises in literacy. In Ethiopia, the Amhara tribe speak Amharic. Amharic comes from the language of Ge-ez. Ge-ez is the official language of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Finally, the Dogon tribe from West Africa speak a language from the Niger/Congo family. This very complex language consists of about 15 different local languages. The languages differ from each other so much that one village might not understand the village next to it.  Lastly, Africa is diverse in geography. The Igbo are a Southeastern Nigerian tribe. This area of Nigeria is made up of 4 regions. They are the low lying deltas, the riverbank areas, a group of high plains called the central belt, and the Udi Highlands. The Oromo are located on the Horn of Africa, specifically Ethiopia. In the central and northern Oromia, there are mountains while in southern Oromia there are grasslands. Natural and Agricultural resources are abundant in this region. The Sotho are a tribe from Lesotho, a landlocked country in Southern Africa. Lesotho is a country with very high elevations. There are many mountains all over the country and plateaus in the east. These are only a few examples of religion, language, and geography among many others. Not only is Africa diverse in these aspects, but it also differs in other areas such as customs and economy.