There has evolved since the 1900s. For

There are multiple contrasts to be discovered between F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ written in 1925, and the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ directed by Baz Luhrmann in 2013. The greatest compelling difference of the two are illustrations of how society has evolved since the 1900s. For instance, racism and sexixm were not perceived to be abstract or unethical, however, looking through the current societal lense of the twenty first century, racism and sexism are no longer tolerated and unacceptable. Due to the two productions being released at different time periods, some things are no longer acceptable in society. As a result to these changing societal norms enforced Baz Luhrmann to amend the film to suit the taste of the modern society, examples of racism and sexism were omitted in the production of the movie for the audience.   The movie depicted a variety of factors that are as described in the book. From the golden toilette set, the medals and Daisy’s pictures shown in Gatsby’s desk, to the half eaten sandwich that gave the audience the impression that Gatsby is ‘messy’  as it seemed out of place in his desk. Multiple symbols were left the same as the novel composed by F. Scott Fitzgerald. For example, the sign with the large eyes and glasses which is discovered as a symbol of God. The green light across the bay, represents how Gatsby is constantly in thought of Daisy. In addition, the childish behaviour of Gatsby is revealed through both the novel and the film when he is showing his clothes to Daisy. However, with all these similarities, not everything in the movie was reflected perfectly as there were minor details that changed. There were many significant details that were disregarded that were potentially essential for creating the atmosphere of the film. Next, after Tom hits Myrtle in the accident, there is a scene in the book where Nick asks Mr. McKee to go out for dinner. This scene displays the lack of importance to the characters of the specific event. Moreover, there are differences between Nick and Gatsby. When Gatsby encounters Nick for the first time, he does not inquire him about the war, does not apologize for being a bad host, this is because nick did not know who he was. An important concept that was omitted for the movie was “Owl Eyes” Although he only appeared twice in the book, he still played an eminently substantial role. He was the only one of the people that used to attend the parties hosted by Gatsby that also went to the funeral of Gatsby. Some details omitted that were useful to understand the real essence of the movie were changed. Overall, when analyzing the movie in comparison to the book, it is evident that there were many scenes that were not shown as described in the book. However, it is evident that society has come a long way in terms of ethic morals and virtues. What may have been accepted back in time in the society of the 1900s, can now be absolutely intolerable to society today. With this, it is indisputable that as time goes by, whether we like it or not, things do change.